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Partner Referral Program

Welcome to the Sage ERP X3 Referral Program for Sage Partners!

The Partner Referral Program offers Sage partners and VARs an alternative to losing clients because they are not certified to implement Sage ERP X3. Fellow Sage resellers often have leads and prospects that are looking for an ERP system like X3, and due to the unique characteristics of the product, may lose the sale when offering alternative solutions.


Download the Referral Program PDF here.

Submit a lead through our Online Referral Form.


For each qualified lead, a Referrer will receive: 

Lighbulb Lead fee ranging from $250 to $550 paid instantly upon contact is made with lead.

Lighbulb 20% commission of the gross Sage ERP X3 software total upon signing of the sale contract - no waiting for implementation!

Lighbulb No time limit on the sale for you to receive commision. 


Our successful track record serves as the basis of our request for referrals. The Answer Company is one of the leading Sage ERP X3 partners in North Americam, recently receiving the award for "Most New Customer Adds in North America" in the 2013 Sage ERP X3 Global Convention. We have been implementing the ERP System since it first became available through Sage North America, and to date have delivered Sage X3 to dozens of companies in a variety of industries.


How it Works


  1. Complete the Online Referral Form with all available information on the Referred Company (the Lead). 
  2. If the Lead meets the Bare Minimums (outlined below), then a TAC Consultant will contact you to confirm your Lead Fee & payment details
  3. The consultant will also get the Lead Contact details from you, if contact has not been made yet. 
  4. As soon as the Lead is contacted by TAC and details are verified, we will pay you the Lead Fee - no waiting on meetings, demos, etc!
  5. If Sage ERP X3 is the right fit, we will do our darndest to close the sale. As soon as the ink is on the Sales Contract, no matter how long it takes, you will receive your commission cheque!


Please note: we reserve the right to reject any lead prior to contacting the Referred Company. This could include cases where a TAC Consultant feels it does not meet the minimum requirements to fit a Sage ERP X3 implementation. We also reserve the right to refuse future Referral Leads based upon performance of previous leads provided by a Partner or person. We will only accept one lead at a time, to ensure we are able to validate the quality and legitimacy of the lead.


Please ensure the Referral is valid before submitting, here is how.


Calculate Your Lead Fee

How do you know what kind of lead would be perfect for Sage ERP X3? 

The more we're willing the pay for it, the better it is!


LighbulbMeet the Bare Minimums and receive a $250 Lead Fee

LighbulbReceive a $100 Bonus for every target your Lead Hits (targets illustrated below)

TAC - Referral Program Sage ERP X3


Only one bonus will be paid for Company Size, for a maximum of $100, for both option A and B, but this means that you can earn up to $550 for just sharing a lead with us!

Some other company features that are ideal for Sage ERP X3 leads: 


Lighbulb Multinational

Lighbulb Multi company: different legal entities - where X3 really shines!

Lighbulb Process Manufacturing


For any questions or inquiries, please contact Krista Magnusson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us directly at 604-473-9166.

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