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Sage Budgeting and Planning

sage500boxSage Active Planner (also known as Sage Budgeting and Planning) for Sage 500 is an enterprise application that allows you to easily manage the most important financial planning processes, conduct in-depth analyses, and develop insightful business plans.






  • Sage Active Planner is a budgeting and planning application that enables businesses to drop time-wasting practices like reconciling numbers on spreadsheets. It enables users to react to last minute information and changes in financial scenarios while delivering analytical reports. With access to multiple users enterprise wide, this planning software turns budgeting into a collaborating process.

    Sage Active Planner delivers to users the following benefits:
    • Shorter planning cycles
    • Seamless integration with all enterprise data
    • Automatic incorporation of key non-financial data
    • Robust analysis features
    With Sage Active planner businesses have more control over budgeting and planning, attaining a true picture with analytical insight into the financial performance of the company’s operations.
  • Management

    Sage Active Planner offers an array of management features to deliver a more effective end efficient budgeting process. For businesses looking to gain functionality in revenue target allocation, comprehensive cost projection, or consolidate several budgets, this software solution integrates into the existing organizational structure and provides a purpose-built solution.

    Additional management features for Sage Active Planner include:

    • Utilize both or a combination of bottom-up or top-bottom budgeting processes
    • Encourage budget collaboration across the enterprise
    • Gain greater command of budget
    • Integrate budget with enterprise data sources
    • Control access to sensitive data


    Sage Active Planner delivers powerful insight into business operations. With sophisticated multidimensional analysis tools, businesses get a visual into budgeting and planning data organized by the company’s business drivers and can easily manipulate changes in assumptions.  Data can be easily spliced with click and drag capabilities that report back to the Plan Sheet. 

    Sage Active Planner offers the following analysis capabilities to users:

    • Utilize multidimensional analysis tools to view budgeting and planning data
    • Perform what-if analysis
    • Compare actuals to budgets for greater fiscal accountability
    • Make critical business decisions quickly based on results of multidimensional analysis


    Sage Active Planner uses a comprehensive and powerful engine to retrieve and work with values for budgeting, planning, and analysis. This solution allows businesses to connect key business drivers to budget, spread costs or revenue targets over defined periods of time, and model seasonal trends.

    Sage Active Planner offers the following calculation capabilities to users:

    • Create an unlimited number of formulas and formula lines
    • Flexible spreading techniques
    • Track up to six period balances
    • Define global and local formulas

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