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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Industry Specific

eamThere are many unique challenges in the shipping and warehousing sectors. These tasks become compounded the bigger an operation is; you need to make sure you stay on top of ordering, inventory, shipping times, and customer relations to name a few. Distribution software is an easier solution than trying to juggle all of these facets separately. You can manage your warehouse operations in one easy to use place, so that you can focus on doing what you are really good at. 

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Posted by on in Sage

There are a lot of different factors and trends affecting the future of enterprise resource planning. Technological innovations have pushed the software headfirst into the future. First, smartphones and tablets influenced mobile business solutions that increased accessibility to places far beyond the shop floor. Then, cloud computing made data available in real time, and presented opportunities for growth without needing the hardware to do so. Combined, they have made even small businesses capable of competing against large corporations for market share and customer satisfaction. With this in mind, what does the future hold for ERP systems in the next 5 to 10 years?

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Posted by on in Sage

Sage 300 ERP Canada We have prepared a quick list of videos that highlight or offer step-by-step set up instruction for some basic functionality in Sage 300 ERP that will make your life, as the end-user, easier and more efficient. These videos are taken from the Sage City support community for Sage 300 ERP  and Youtube channels that have good Sage 300 content. For a more thorough list of instruction, please visit either of those resources!  

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Posted by on in IT
Choosing to use managed IT services is a huge decision for a business, and this is because the common alternative is in-house IT services, which requires a lot of resources and planning to do.

However, just because you are committed to using fully managed IT services in Vancouver does not mean you should be hasty as you will have the best experience when analyzing your options beforehand.

Is the Provider Successful?

As great as an IT service provider might be, they are not going to help you or your business if they are no longer in business after less than a year or two of utilizing their services. While there are exceptions, you should focus on providers that appear to be successful, which will increase your chances of being able to maintain a positive business relationship, especially if you continue to be satisfied with their services.

An excellent indicator of success is how they carry their business, such as offering modern features, having an updated website, and maintaining a healthy and active social presence.

Is 24/7 Support Offered?

Something that can make or break a deal is whether 24/7 support is offered. If it is not, you really need to put some thought into whether you want to consider their managed IT services, and this is because you cannot predict when you may need help from your provider.

To keep a smooth operation, which may be accomplished by getting an issue fixed early in the morning, before your employees come into work to start their day, you need to know you can rely on 24/7 support.

Are Modern Features Encouraged?

While some modern features regarding IT services are luxuries and conveniences that are not a necessity, some features are extremely helpful and only need time to hit mainstream. It is ideal when IT services provide modern offerings and even encourage them, such as file syncing and sharing or cloud services, and this is because it means they are looking into the future, and you should be doing the same.

Contact us if you are interested in fully managed IT services for your business.
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Posted by on in Accounting
Distribution software allows businesses to maintain a multitude of business functions from a single piece of software, which is extremely helpful, but also confusing when there is a lack of knowledge.

If you want more success with distribution software, you need to get your employees on board, which can be accomplished in a variety of ways, and following several methods will likely give you great results.

Help Employees Every Step of the Way

It is important to understand that not all employees are great at adjusting from changes or upgrades, and this applies with distribution software. Providing plenty of support to your employees is a necessity, especially because you want to keep your employees feeling confident about their work.

While a training program should give you some of these results, you will also need to help people on an individual level as there will be hiccups along the way that must be addressed.

Provide Quality and Reliable Software

One of the easiest ways to get your employees supporting and enjoying distribution software is when you provide high-quality software that helps them perform their daily responsibilities. A learning curve may prevent the boost of efficiency to really show, but employees that get the assistance they need and get on board with the software should be able to make better use of their time.

Define Roles for Your Employees

With how much distribution software can do, not giving your employees certain roles can lead to a lot of procrastinating and a lack of direction in knowing what to do on a daily basis. It is especially important to do this for employees that do a lot of work out of the software, and this is because they need to know how to use distribution software to fulfill their responsibilities and save time in doing so.

While distribution software implementation can be difficult at first, the long-term benefits are just too good to pass up for how much they can affect your business in a positive manner.

Contact us today if you are interested in distribution software or want to learn more.
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Posted by on in Accounting
As the CEO of a growing small business, you've spent countless hours in meetings attempting to drill-down on all of the steps related to gathering, processing and analyzing data; this, to bring the ‘ship’ around to better face the headwinds encountered during foreseen expansion.

Without any formal strategy, or reliance on new applications to help lead you through the process, at best you've been able to make sense of all the activities ongoing throughout the company.

Specifically, you've looked at ways to speed up invoicing, since so many employees work in the field, or are on the road; also, you've identified bottlenecks in payroll because of the large number of independent contractors, and the need to track compliance issues when it comes to taxes and any benefits coming to them.

In short, too much time is spent searching for information through antiquated methods---Excel!--- that provide little guarantee for accuracy, or many opportunities to discover incomplete data.

Excel? Accepting the fact there is a better way.

Every since Microsoft Excel became available back in the 1993, companies and organizations relied on its ability to provide seemingly error-free and quick computational results.

Then, the software may have been considered to be fully ‘automated,’ providing grids of cells, rows and columns to receive for most any calculations and carrying forward computations in a range of graphs, histograms and charts.

One of the benefits derived from business improvements in the accounting department through using Sage 300 ERP Accpac, an out-of-the-box solution that is scalable as your business grows:

  • Minimal entry errors in credit-debit columns, thanks to internal controls to check data.

  • Automates ledger and journal postings

  • Entries carry forward to other sheets versus manual entries on many worksheets---plus manually manipulating formulas when needed.

Company-wide, by implementing the right business improvements, owners and stakeholders are better suited to meet growth objectives; this through better quality control.

Discover how Sage ERP software can help your company become more profitable; learn more about our IT services aimed at getting you there. Contact us today.
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Posted by on in Accounting
Sage 300 ERPToday more than ever it is important to make sure that as a business you are controlling your costs, so that you can maximize profitability. Sage 300 ERP software is the best business management tool available. It is designed to keep costs low. It is compatible with a number of operating systems, databases, and other software. Let's explore some of the benefits your business can get out of Sage 300.

Top-Notch Sales and Customer Management

Optimizing your sales and distribution processes will not only increase your profits, but it will enable your operation to provide better customer service which in turn should also drive profits up. The sales team will have reliable updated information at the tips of their fingers about units in inventory, pricing figures, data for specific individual customers, and so much more. They will be able to quickly and accurately answer any and all questions a customer may have.

Complete Inventory Control

The last thing any operation needs is to overstock an item or go out-of-stock on a hot selling item. Control your inventory to reduce the wasted resources that come about as a result of overstocking an item. Sage 300 will also provide accurate, up-to-date statuses on location, receipts, and precise value of all your merchandise.

Control The Finances

Sage 300 makes going from sales to accounting one easy step. The software combines your sales and service functions for complete end-to-end financial control. These tools improve your financial reporting, and also provide business intelligence reports, so that you can make educated decisions and drive your profits up.

This is just a small look at what Sage 300 ERP software can do. To learn more about the features of this powerful software contact us.
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Posted by on in IT
It seems hackers and their schemes won't stay out of the headlines, and millions more are at serious risk of identity theft once again. "Currently, the two largest threats come in the form of a Ransomware scheme, and a breach into North America's second largest health provider, Anthem. What's different about the Anthem attack from the recent Target and Home Depot attacks is that these hackers went after social security numbers rather than just credit card numbers. Most likely setting themselves up to steal entire identities. 80 million customers and employees' information in 14 states across the US have been targeted in the Anthem attack. Emails, social security numbers, street addresses, and phone numbers were all stolen," NBC News.

The Ransomware scheme is a little different, the hackers are looking for money right away. They send out an email asking the owner to download a file, and by as little as one click on the file and they're in. Once the malware is in they take control of the files, and hold the computer at ransom until they are paid a specified amount in as little as twenty-four hours. NBC News also said, "These hackers have gone after a million people already including businesses, private computers, and even a sheriff's department in Tennessee."

Customer security is of the utmost importance now, and many companies are searching for the best ways to handle this part of their business. Computer hackers know they have the upper hand against the average computer user, that's why security experts say it's worth it to take this aspect of your business very seriously and invest in using professionals to handle important data and records.

Security experts suggest:

  • Using professional IT Services to handle your company's information technology and processes can prevent many of the commonly made mistakes that put companies and their data in harm's way in the first place.

  • Backing data and files up on external hard drives, and being sure to fully disconnect them is an effective way to ensure that if files are stolen they aren't lost forever.

  • Being very careful when opening emails; they often come in the form of Health Providers, a friend sharing a game or joke, or Government Agencies. They pretend to be a trusted organization or friend in order to get people to open the emails.

  • Keeping Anti-Virus software downloaded and updated at all times. McAfee suggests using, "PC protection from Trojans, hackers, spyware, and more. Like their integrated anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, anti-spam, anti-phishing, and backup technologies work together to combat today’s advanced multi-faceted attacks. It scans disks, email attachments, files downloaded from the web, and documents generated by word processing and spreadsheet programs."

  • Don't pay ransoms if your computer is hacked. Paying will only fuel the hackers fire, and keep them in business.

  • Third party storage with cloud computing that stores data in an external server. This ensures that your data is secure and that you can access your data on demand and remotely, provided that you have internet access and login credentials.

Please contact us for any additional information.
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Posted by on in Sage

Sage 500 ERPWe have prepared a quick list of videos that highlight or offer step-by-step set up instruction for some basic functionality in Sage 500 ERP that will make your life, as the end-user, easier and more efficient. These videos are taken from the Sage City support community for Sage 500 ERP and Youtube channels that have good Sage 500 content. For a more thorough list of instruction, please visit either of those resources.  

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Posted by on in Business Systems
It’s no surprise that today’s ERP and CRM software are powerful business-process tools designed to help departments throughout enterprise-sized companies, and SMBs, run more efficiently.

Also, and as Gartner points out, a common benefit comes in the form of cost-savings in IT related services: less time spent managing third-party software, and more focus on a single data-base management system.

But the need to customize, and integrate those third-party applications with Sage ERP still exists. More importantly, the process become even more critical as new versions and upgrades are released.

Gartner predicts that by 2016 existing ERP systems will become “legacy ERP” platforms due to the burdensome nature of too much customizing; this, in light of the trend moving to the cloud for SaaS.

“The unbundling and dissassembling of ERP megasystems has actually been taking place for close to a decade now...”

The future will see less reliance on a "one big honking ERP suite," notes th research firm:

“The concept of a single ERP suite...has been replaced by a hybrid ERP approach that combines cloud point solutions with a smaller “core” of on-premises ERP function, such as financials and manufacturings.”

Because of this shift, it is more critical that support services for Sage ERP are sought out by business owners, CIOs and other stakeholders. In short, companies may always have a need to customize their Sage software both for on-premise as well as online offerings.

Discover how the Sage ERP software can help your company become more profitable; learn more about our IT Services aimed at getting you there. Contact us today.
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Posted by on in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The Answer Company - Sage InspireIt's that time of year again when Sage meets with partners and customers to discuss the road ahead.

Come, Engage, Get ideas, Be inspired.

You have real-world business challenges, and our experts are ready to dive in and share ideas about workable solutions. And we’re going to share new ways to do things better in the following areas:

Here are a few recent comments from those who attended the Inspire Tour:

  • "I attended this event last year. I thought this year's topics and availability of Sage product experts were great."

  • "Really enjoyed the interactive mobility pieces, best way to learn is hands on!"

  • "The agenda shared prior to the meeting was closely followed, so it was what I was looking for."

  • "The hands-on experiences with the mobile applications was an excellent idea."

Canadian locations include Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Choose your city to register:

Vancouver, BCToronto, ONMontreal, QC 


For more information Contact The Answer Company or visit the Sage Inspire Tour 2015 website
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Posted by on in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Screen shot 2015 01 22 at 7.32.30 PMOstara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. (Ostara) is a process manufacturer and project management company in the chemicals industry. As a company with multiple locations, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and an additional office in Brandon, Florida, Ostara began looking for an ERP system to replace its accounting system, Sage 50 Accounting. 

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Posted by on in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

sagecrmboxA Customer Relationship Management system will help companies with all sales, marketing, and customer services activities. Employees in these areas use CRM as the starting point, the home base to take off an engage with customers and prospects. 

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Posted by on in HRMS
Businesses large and small hire extra help for the holiday shopping season to handle last-minute and deal-searching customers. Most large companies have a robust Human Resources department, but there are small and medium sized businesses that do not have an HR department capable of handling an influx of temporary or part-time employees – if they have an HR department at all.

Medium sized businesses especially need to have a strong HR system in place. They already have a larger number of permanent employees, and possibly more than one business location to staff. With anticipated retail growth during the holiday season, these businesses need a way to track payroll, identify scheduling needs, and stay in compliance with local and federal labour standards. Businesses may also want to keep certain employees beyond the holiday season, so offering attractive incentives such as direct deposit and an online self-service HR portal may entice quality applicants.

The Answer Company tailors Sage HRMS software for your small or medium sized business that will grow with you. By having a Human Resources Management system in place that is customized for your business, you can focus on hiring those extra employees who will best serve your holiday customers. As a partner in your business’s growth, The Answer Company will help you attract and maintain top talent for your business.

Once you have hired your holiday staff, Sage HRMS solutions is designed to help every member of your team through payroll management, scheduling, training, and reporting. The intuitive interface of Sage HRMS solutions allows you to do more in less time. You will also be able to protect both your employees and your business by staying current with government mandates and monitoring benefits, safety, and training analysis.

As your small or medium sized business grows, provide your business with an HR solution it deserves. Rely on The Answer Company to help you build and implement HR best practices. Please contact us today for a more information.
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Posted by on in Accpac
Leadership demands for non-profits are constantly challenged in an age when monitoring revenue from donors, or writing grants, requires the right software programs.

Unfortunately, for many, the programs of choice may include not one, but two or three applications. Excel may be used to enter membership on one spreadsheet, and donor amounts on another. In both cases, the information resides in an isolated file not easily accessible by other staff, or volunteers, from other desktop PCs...or, when authorized, by mobile devices.

Financial reports are only as good as the accuracy---and completeness--of the data entered, leaving board members to question the viability of their organization.

What’s needed, is a single database management system that integrates seamlessly with many programs within one platform.

The Sage 300 ERP for Non-Profits was developed to provide a range of fund accounting solutions; donor and grant management as well as monitoring fund raising programs via on-premise, or through an array of mobile devices.

Organizations enjoy the benefit of not having to customize the software---often the case when using QuickBooks or other off-the-shelf programs.

How important is it for non-profits to track proceeds not only from new donors, but also those groups showing the loyalty with re-giving?

According to a Sage survey conducted last year, 69% of non-profits were actually “unsure” about the existence of any “donor loyalty” programs in the their organization: only 31% said they had an ongoing, “formal program or strategy.”

No surprise, but one of the biggest challenges organizations are faced with is getting their programs cut. Overall, their mission is tied to “reducing costs without impacting services,” and a reason to embrace an ERP platform that is developed to do just that.

Contact us. Discover how Unifsoft’s experienced IT and ERP experts can help your non-profit, or business, operate more profitably.
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Posted by on in HR Management

Sage HRMS 2When small and medium businesses are looking to grow, they often forget to look at improving Human Resource processes and systems. The right HR management software, however, can help the HR team increase control over employee data, optimize productivity, plan for the future, and ultimately provide better strategic input to management and executives.   

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Posted by on in Accpac
Today’s manufacturers feel the ‘pain’ when they’re not competitive: products hit bottlenecks, delivery schedules go unmet and profitability slips.

Worse, a customer may switch to a new manufacturer, one who embraces the technology necessary to remain competitive by exceeding customer expectations.

What businesses need is a data management software that integrates information from multiple sources, such as specialty orders on the line, or supply chain options, to bolster decision making  on the floor, in the warehouse or from the C-level suite.

Sage ERP: a powerful analytical tool.

Managers need information, pricing and vendor profiles to purchase raw materials, for example. And, they need to do so without having to move from one application to another, scrolling through multiple open windows before realizing the data is on a different desktop PC.

Some of the functions provided by Sage Distribution ERP software include payroll processing; the ability to create sales and billing invoices and to identify areas that need immediate attention, such as parts inventory supplies.

Shipping and invoicing for global customers.

With the demands of shipping schedules, price points and ever-changing vendor information, the manufacturer must be kept informed in real-time. That also means having the ability to track currency conversions, foreign tax or duties.

If owners rely on old methods of noting such information, such as Excel spreadsheets, the result of inaccurate---or missing data---can forever impact shipments and the bottom line.

What’s more, keeping track of foreign taxes, duties and currency conversions open up a lot of room for error. This is why using the Sage ERP platform can help speed the entire product cycle, including timely billing to ensure needed cash flows.

Let our team of Sage ERP professionals help you to determine which software package is right for your manufacturing facility. Contact us today.
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Posted by on in Solutions

EDILogoEDI = Electronic Data Interchange. Definition: Computer to computer exchange of standard business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, inventory levels and shipping notices.

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Posted by on in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Sage 300 ERP for MiningMining has a set of complex management challenges that requires a unique solution. Now more than ever an effective strategy is needed to meet the grueling demands of this fast evolving industry. From equipment and plant maintenance, inventory, purchasing and sales, a process management system that is not fully integrated to meet these logistic needs will result in a loss of data, time and revenue. In order for a management system to run smoothly, the right software is necessary to securely connect the pieces of the Mining ERP puzzle.


Mining Complexities

Mining is an industry that is convoluted and multifaceted. Utilization, operations and sustainability are only a few of the pieces that need to fit securely into this management paradigm. It is also because of these production and financial complexities that data has been inaccurately evaluated. Further adding to these challenges are strict regulation requirements. Despite these amazing challenges, there is a light and the end of the tunnel. The need to implement a more well-organized strategy will provide the mining industry some much needed office systems relief. All elements of the system need to be fully integrated, user friendly and able to meet technological standards.

The Solution

One solution that can satisfy these unique challenges is the Sage 300 ERP Accpac software. This software can be pivotal to help bridge the financial and production gaps. One benefit to this fully integrated system is that both forms of data can be collected. In addition, costs can be more precisely tracked and a lower level of processing is linked back to a top level. The mining industry may always have challenges that are unique to its field. Having a efficient ERP will make fitting the pieces of the puzzle together a bit easier.

For more information about our services please contact us.
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Posted by on in Inventory Management

Inventory management software For most emerging enterprises and small businesses inventory makes up a big portion of the numbers in the balance sheet. The large value of inventory a company carries demonstrates the need for a large quantity and variety of products on hand to meet the expectation of current and short-term future demand.

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