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ERP-Video-LibraryOur Sage ERP X3 Video library section brings you the latest videos on Sage ERP X3, the smart choice for midsized businesses. Here you will find Sage ERP X3 videos that highlight the unique features and advantages of the web-based ERP solution that delivers greater control, speed and flexibility for Canadian businesses.



Video Library - Sage ERP X3

This video takes a high-level overview look at the benefits of Sage ERP X3. It approaches the ERP solution from both the angle of an IT technician and a business person, therefore highlighting both the technical specifications of this modern solution and the benefits to managing resources and improving the bottom line.


This Sage ERP X3 video takes a quick look at how using Sage ERP X3's dashboard is the way of the future. This intuitive, customizable, and graphic dashboard was designed with the end-user in mind. 

In this video, you will see how Sage ERP X3 allows all departments to work off the same information. The system is designed to deliver simple streamlined information and business processes while supporting operations spread across multiple sites, companies, and locations. Sage ERP X3 offers simple and centralized management of all users and applications, for easy installation, maintenance, and support of the solution.


This Sage ERP X3 video shows how Sage ERP X3 reflects on the company's bottom line. By looking at how Sage ERP X3 and Sage have improved the implementation process to make training and support easier for users, the video highlights that Sage ERP X3 is one of the most cost efficient solutions in the market. 


This Sage ERP X3 video shows how Sage ERP X3 is designed specifically for midsized businesses, and takes into account the growth such businesses experience. A key feature of Sage ERP X3 is its ability to grow as the company grows, by adding new users or scaling up the functionality needed.


This Sage ERP X3 video explains how using Sage ERP X3 can accelerate your business exchanges by improving control over company processes. Sage ERP X3's flexible workflow engine provides, among other features, triggered task lists and cross process actions.


This video shows how Sage ERP X3's can improve insight into your business. Sage has embedded it's Business Intelligence Engine into the Sage ERP X3 system, which is pre-configured to aggregate business data and provide in-depth analytics on demand.




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