Accelerated growth puts big demands on the finance team to prove out the revenue model, forecast the future, and manage cash and revenue. The only way to scale and reach these goals is to build an iron-clad tech stack to automate your financial systems and processes and provide powerful insights.

If you’re growing rapidly, there are noticeable signs that your current financial setup might not be up to the task.

Watch our exclusive webinar featuring Michael Munroe, VP of Finance at Clearco, as he discusses Clearco’s journey and why the right financial systems were critical to their continued growth.

In this session, the panel explore how Michael developed Clearco’s Finance Tech Strategy and roadmap, what the selection process and criteria looked like, and the resulting benefits of their finance tech stack, including:

  • more than 2500 hours of manual work each year were saved due to the impact of automation and integration which reduced silos,
  • how Sage Intacct was able to facilitate 8x growth and expand internationally,
  • how the finance team move from 80% tactical to 80% strategic work with Sage Intacct.

Watch now to learn how to scale SaaS your business:

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Shawn Ostheimer
Founder and President,
The Answer Company

David Appel,
Head of SaaS,
Sage Intacct

Mike Munroe
VP of Finance
Shawn founded The Answer Company in 1994, spearheading the company’s growth to become the largest Sage provider in Western Canada. Taking an active role in the company’s operations, Shawn helps improve businesses by determining software solution fit that generates a substantial return on investment for clients. His emphasis on integrity in customer service has been instrumental in the company’s success and has become a pillar in The Answer Company’s culture. David Appel is the Head of Software & SaaS at Sage Intacct, and is passionate about scaling SaaS companies and helping them grow into their full potential. Over time he has developed a series of SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise customer-lifecycle playbooks that focus on creating value for customers, increasing return for shareholders, and building great teams, that have generated over $2.1B US in market capitalization for his clients. Michael Munroe, VP Finance at Clearco, joined the company in 2019. Leading the implementation of Sage Intacct and integration to Clearco’s tech stack, Mike developed best practices and strong automation processes to transform the Finance team from being reactive to proactive, making Finance a source of insight and strategic advisors for the business. Clearco provides fair and fast capital and guidance to help founders win. Their mission is to remove the barriers between brilliant ideas and brilliant businesses.


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