NetSuite is ideal for forward thinking technology, internet, and software companies who want a back-office system that can unlock and manage growth leaving them free to focus on innovation and not maintaining hardware and software. It is the ideal solution those that understand that addressing today’s business challenges is as vital as their future business future growth.

  • Recurring Revenue

    NetSuite will help grow your recurring revenue streams with a robust subscription and maintenance renewal engine. You will have access to term and evergreen subscription management, support for co-termination as well as up-sell and cross-sell. You will be able to change order management, termination and cancellations and contract renewal automation.

  • Global Growth

    This solution seamlessly enables you to manage multiple currencies, tax rules, and various reporting requirements allowing you to maintain visibility as your business grows globally. Utilize global accounting and consolidation as well as comprehensive multi-currency management. Enjoy powerful audit and compliance reporting, comprehensive language support and a configurable tax engine. You’ll have access to instant visibility at the global and subsidiary level.

  • Salesforce Integration

    Capitalize and integrate with your existing Salesforce CRM in real-time. With NetSuite’s powerful order management and finance capabilities, you can expect fully automated lead-to-cash capability. Seamlessly integrate from NetSuite ERP to Salesforce CRM and gain a 360-degree view of data throughout the lead-to-cash process. It’s a quick and easy setup to ensure rapid business impact and it uses the native Salesforce interface.

  • Powerful Customization & Extension Tools

    We know your business needs are unique, and that they are constantly changing and evolving as your business grows. The SuiteCloud platform provides the powerful customization tools needed to to extend NetSuite as your business develops. You’ll be able to utilize scripting solutions for building new apps and processes that work with point-and-click application configuration. You can integrate existing applications with SOAP- based web services and click-not-code workflow engine. Take advantage of real time role-based dashboards, and pre-built and ad-hoc reporting with ODBC access across customizations.

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