Growing companies using QuickBooks are incurring a broad range of hidden costs because of Quickbooks limitations.

If you’re trapped by workarounds, extra steps, manual data entry, and patched-together analyses, you are already spending more than you realize. That’s because these inefficiencies gradually become “standard procedure” and create a silent drag on your organization by hampering your ability to do business efficiently.

Are you experiencing any of these typical QuickBooks limitations?:

  • Over-reliance on spreadsheets to support financial processes and reporting
  • Excess manual data entry and re-entry
  • Limited access to reports and information that can drive decision-making
  • Difficulty in adapting to new business requirements
  • Inadequate controls around financial processes

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Quickbooks Limitations Resources

The Hidden Cost of QuickBooks

This paper outlines a framework to help your organization assess the hidden costs of continuing to use QuickBooks along with the financial upside of switching to a modern financial management and accounting system, and will help you:

  • Decide the best time to switch from QuickBooks to a more robust, cloud computing-based system
  • Identify the hidden costs of continuing to use QuickBooks
  • Evaluate the available alternatives, a solution that will grow with your business needs
  • Compare the cost of the status quo with the benefits of switching

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Hidden Cost of QuickBooks
Client QuickBooks Migration Success Story

QuickBooks Was Blocking Growth
“We came from QuickBooks,” explains David Allen, CFO for TAAL. “It couldn’t keep up with us and was actually inhibiting our ability to grow profitably. At that time, we had offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Switzerland, and the Cayman Islands, and were trying to manage all of that in an entry-level application.”

TAAL was running a separate copy of QuickBooks for each of its entities, making it exceedingly difficult to gain cross-company visibility into finances. The company knew it needed a next-generation financial management solution with multi-entity and multi-currency capabilities, streamlined remote access, automated revenue recognition, AP automation, and powerful reporting capabilities. Sage Intacct offers that and more.

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