For many small and medium-sized businesses, admin tasks are done with the most traditional tools and softwares – because reinventing ways to perform admin tasks is not generally a high priority on the to-do list. 

But what if we told you that admin tasks that slow down your productivity have a ripple effect in your business’s employee morale, sales funnel, ROI on expenses, and a lot more?

Figures from a Sage survey found that the content, volume and cost of admin work, when drilled down, are enough to make any C-Suite green around the gills. Take a look at some of the numbers.

The total number of days per year spent doing admin tasks:

in the US
in Spain
in France
in Canada

The total cost of carrying out these tasks:

in the US
in Germany
in Canada
in the UK

The percentage of admin tasks that fall into the following categories:

Payments processing, invoices, and chasing payments
Accountancy (including tax-related)
Payroll and people management
Talent acquisition/training


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