Make sense of your data by building reports and dashboards that will empower your business. With the help of our Corporate Performance Management (CPM) services, we’ll work together with you to define processes, identify your key KPIs, and build the reports & dashboards you need to make your data actionable. Identify issues and devise solutions before they’ve even happened, so you’re always prepared.

KPI & Dashboards

In order to make educated decisions, you need to know what is important to your business and where you’re headed. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a means to evaluate your business performance but which KPIs are selected and how they are set up can be a defining factor – signifying to decision makers what needs to be changed or improved.

Through our CPM services, our consultants & advisors work with your business leaders to translate their valuable expertise into insightful numbers and KPIs, as well as accurate & specific statistics in both ‘what if’ simulations and actual reports.


The ultimate goal with reporting software is to give you as much insight as possible into your data, with the fewest manual requirements. The glory of these software solutions is that they typically possess the tools to make that possible, it’s just a matter of getting everything set up in a way that it meets your unique needs. Our CPM team help you automate your processes and build reports that get you the details you need with a few simple clicks.

This will save your team countless hours and have the added benefit of improving consistency in processes and accuracy in reports, not to mention how much easier financial consolidation becomes when you have all of the information in need readily available is pre-established reports.


Budgeting is a delicate balance that is easily disrupted. It’s the ideal situation for what you want to spend, but a reality that’s rarely the case. Many businesses manage their budget manually in response to changing situations, but that can lead to serious issues with consistency and accuracy, as well as slower response times.

The more you can streamline your budgeting process, the less likely it is that budgeting decisions will be left up to guessing or snap decisions. Our CPM team will help you improve your ability to manage the business through simulation and ‘what if’ scenarios so budgeting decisions are always being made based off of measurable data. Additionally, CPM will help you improve collaboration so you can get your entire team on the same page.

Data Accessibility

Business management solutions collect an incredible amount of data, but what good is that data if you don’t know what to do with it? Beyond that, reporting periods (whether its weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.) frequently leave employees feeling overwhelmed and like they are racing against the clock to get the information they need from the system.

Reports and dashboards that are built to meet your specific needs help alleviate that pressure, giving your team better accessibility and insight into the information they need to do their jobs. Part of our process is determining who needs what and when, so we can implement processes, automated reports, and mobile access so you can be confident that your team is getting the information that they need.

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