Your infrastructure maintenance management solutions are now tailored to your business. Effectively maintain your assets and efficiently allocate parts and personnel needed to carry out a project with a scalable range of CMMS applications. Quick to deploy and easy to use, Sage X3 covers your maintenance needs in a CMMS solution.
  • Reduce Downtime and Business Disruption

    Prolong the life of equipment and facilities by ensuring that scheduled inspections and regular maintenance are carried out. This will detect and predict possible failures and correct them before they occur which means that your company doesn’t lose valuable time by waiting for expensive repairs. Improve team safety and increase productivity while you maintain control of legislative and compliance requirements.

  • Better Maintenance Cost Management

    Gain a competitive edge and boost your profit margin by effectively managing operational and maintenance costs. Utilize Work Order tracking and assign labour and parts to maintenance activities, which will enable you to track costs. Accurately measure your asset operation to assist with analysis of overall spending and ROI.

  • Equipment Management

    Using DIMO Maint, you can ensure detailed equipment lists and that that proper replacement parts are in stock. Manage the cost, work and maintenance of specific pieces of equipment to more efficiently utilize them and receive the biggest return on investment (ROI). Having an accurate reporting system allows you to evaluate the performance, cost and effectiveness of your assets.

  • Work Order Management

    Increase labour productivity while improving your team’s safety. Use the Work Order to plan the tools, safety and procedures needed to complete a project. Additionally, you can use the Resource scheduler to allocate the team and plan the schedule. You can also keep track of spare parts and material as well as instructions and labour requirements.