With Ice Edge’s software you can create 3D (soon to be 4D) product representations, allowing manufacturers to eliminate the element of surprise and show customers exactly what they will be getting throughout the process. The 3D representations expose the changes that need to be made before the product is manufactured, so you can re-engineer products to ensure that you develop the best version of the product your customer is expecting. Ice Edge’s 3D virtual reality software for business will give you the advanced tools to sell, visualize, specify, price, manufacture and deliver products to market. 
  • Exceed Customer Expectations

    Regardless of how rigorous design and discovery is, there is still a chance that there will be a gap between your final design and what your customer expected. You're forced to go back to the drawing board and make last-minute changes. This can push the project over its timeline and budget. The 3D visual representations created with Ice Edge mean that there is no gap. Customers see exactly what they're getting and know the complete price from initial design to fulfillment.

  • Improve Customer Experience

    Ice Edge offers powerful design tool rules and 3D visualization that allows you to bring solutions to your customers quickly. This illustrates that they can place their confidence in your business and your abilities to deliver them the product they expect. Offering solutions faster and more accurately than traditional methods will both improve customer experience and set you apart from your competitors.

  • Speed and Accuracy

    Ice Edge gives you the ability to visualize products and specify problems so you have the opportunity to re-engineer solutions in the early stages of projects. This establishes a controlled environment for product manufacturing, improving the overall accuracy, quality, budget projection and speed of projects. This higher certainty is experienced even with the most complex products and projects.

  • Supports Complex Configurations

    Ice Edge is extremely robust in its ability to configure complex rules around configurations, ensuring that incorrect combinations of options never happen and that there is always a workable solution. Establishing rules and configuration are a key part of automating the process and finalizing products in the least amount of time possible.

  • Customization

    Customization is involved in the manufacturing of almost any product. It is important to have the tools to achieve your customers' vision. With the versatile capabilities of Ice Edge, you can incorporate a high level of customization into your projects. The sophistication of rule-based technology opens up new doors, enabling you to design your products quickly, without sacrificing details.