InfoPOS is a point of sale solution that meets the unique needs of retailers both in-store and online. Sales data is automatically sent back to your Sage ERP, giving you access to real-time inventory and customer profiles that offer unique insight into your customer’s habits and buying trends. Sales data gives you the tools to tailor promotions to specific customers, increasing sales and building more customer loyalty.
  • Customer Loyalty

    Loyal customers are the influencers that will help you build a robust brand and they are key to your success. Using InfoPOS, you can grow your loyal customer base by creating a profile of habits, trends and preferences for each customer. Use the profiles to create loyalty programs that are specifically tailored to your customers, rewarding them for their continued business and implementing multi-level reward programs to further incentivize customer engagement. Tracking and reporting tools also allow you to analyze customer habits so you can further optimize the loyalty programs as buying habits change.

  • Promotions

    Customers are also looking for the best deal. You can use that to your advantage and increase sales by offering tailored promotions. InfoPOS Point of Sale Solution collects customer sales data, which enables you to specifically tailor pricing and promotions based on customer behavior. It offers maximum flexibility in the creation of promotions, so you can select any combination of products, make them available to your unique selection of customer groups and make promotions available for varying time periods. Utilizing the inventory optimization feature also lets you align customer promotions with your inventory levels.

  • Inventory Optimization

    Accurate inventory data is essential to any successful business. With using a strong point of sale solution like InfoPOS, stock is automatically updated when a purchase is processed. This integration replaces manual systems for inventory, both saving time and increasing reliability. Sales data is automatically sent to InfoPOS Back Office, where stock data is updated immediately. This ensures that inventory reporting is concise & current for more informed business decisions, promotions, and pricing.

  • Operate Offline

    Sometimes the internet can stop working without warning, which can put an abrupt halt to processing transactions or real-time tracking in a POS solution. This can inevitably end in angry customers and lost revenue for an issue that was out of your control. With InfoPOS, you can continue processing payments even when you're offline. The sales data from transactions that are processed while offline are saved until you regain internet connection. Once you are connected again, the sales data that was saved is automatically sent to the Back Office.

  • In-Store and Online Purchasing

    We live in a modern era and many people prefer to make purchases online. In addition to in-store point of sale solutions, InfoPOS offers eInfoPOS, an embedded online store so you can offer eCommerce and online purchasing. eInfoPOS gives you the tools to expand your reach and maximize opportunity.