Lascom PLM is a management tool for New Product Development (NPD) that enables businesses to manage products through the development lifecycle. Streamline new product development from conception to R&D, procurement and quality control. This solution allows manufacturers in industries such as cosmetics, food service and food & beverage to develop new products in a structured environment. This lets them keep the focus of their ERP on manufacturing and distribution.
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  • Dedicated Systems

    Keep your ERP focused on approved products and allow the formation and experimentation of the product lifecycle to live in its own environment. Lascom PLM is specifically designed to nurture products from inception to approval, allowing businesses to avoid clogging up their ERP with experimental raw materials and products.

  • Streamline New Product Development

    Without Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), high-level experts in organizations, such as management & executives, tend to spend their days doing time-intensive administrative tasks. Lascom PLM minimizes administrative tasks by implementing steps and templates to streamline the product lifecycle process. This ensures that employees are dedicating their time where their expertise holds the highest value.

  • Formalized Standard Process

    Standard processes are introduced at each stage of development to guide businesses and determine which projects have the highest chance for success. Clearly defined stages and gatekeepers ensure that projects with a low chance of success are caught early. In turn, efforts are focused on projects with a higher chance of success, improving time to market.

  • Simplified Compliance

    Standards & regulations are broad and differ from country to product. Lascom PLM provides tools that simplify compliance and assist in automating the process. These allow you to define rules in the solution to manage regulations and use product templates to generate documents that meet varying your requirements.

  • Improved Multi-Channel Collaboration

    In product development, there is a consistent flow of information. Lascom PLM provides a central repository for data & document management, improving collaboration between departments. This is not just limited to internal communication though, as the mark-up tool makes it easy for customers to collaborate in the development of packaging and documentation, and the Supplier Portal allows suppliers to input their responses directly. Lascom PLM's collaboration tools improve time to market and reduce the margin for error.