Educational Enterprise Resource Planning or edERP brings the impressive benefits of NetSuite to the education sector. With a single, integrated system, this powerful tool manages all aspects needed to operate a university such as student management and assessment, school accounting, faculty management and course/program administration.

Solution Capabilities Guide

  • Student Admission Management

    The edERP takes care of the entire student admission process, and also maintains a centralized student and prospect database. You'll also be able to assess program popularity amongst students with the maintenance of students’ program history in the system.

  • Fee Management

    NetSuite's edERP enables fee structuring for the ongoing year and billing schedules can be created with automatic reminders sent to the students.

  • Course Administrator

    This powerful solution tracks the student attendance record and also helps schedule the classroom and faculty. In addition, student assessment reports can be generated from the system based on the data captured in terms of academics, attendance, etc.

  • Resource Management

    Propel your organization to the top of the class with software built for the cloud. edERP brings the impressive benefits of NetSuite to the education sector.

  • Donor Management

    The system helps you maintain donor relations through periodic reporting, reminders and sponsorship links. You can even grant the donor access to the system for live-monitoring of the sponsored student/facility records.

  • Course Management

    This is edERP's core module, created to reduce manual labour involved with scheduling and planning your school curriculum.