Procession is a specialized solution to meet the unique needs of process manufacturers for chemical, food, pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. Procession facilitates formulation management, quality control, lot and recall management, customer service and other key requirements for manufacturers that utilize recipes or batch manufacturing.

Solution Capabilities Guide

  • Safety & Handling

    Customers, employees, carriers and emergency responders will have ready access to safety information. Manage this information from any device, anytime within Sage X3 (formerly Enterprise Management). Documents such as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and hazard ratings (HMIS/NFPA) will be available to material handlers and batch makers and GHS and hazard information are available on package labels.

  • Manufacturing

    Procession provides more control for manufacturing in batches by increasing visibility to target volumes and weights and giving you the option of step-by-step batch notes. These notes and ingredient orders are included on the batch tickets, giving you the ability to see weight and volume targets.

  • Customer Service

    To best serve your customers, Procession allows users to track the status of a sales order across the fulfillment process from production through shipping, on a single screen. You will be able to provide your customers with pro number visibility on the order, third-party freight billing and the ability to track weights by hazard class.

  • Quality Control

    Maintain product consistency and quality control, while ensuring regulatory compliance and building customer confidence with an easy-to-use QC interface. Track results by sample, as well as defined targets and specifications ranges at the product-level, by using a graphical results analysis by range for the batch, product or question.

  • R&D Formulation

    Manage formulas with consistency and protect profitability by easily comparing formulas, tracking formula properties and lab notes, and the ability to resize formulas or switch UOMs. You will also have support for multiple formula versions and the ability to easily switch formulas for one or multiple products. Provide quotes to customers and track R&D formulation, which is managed separately from inventory and manufacturing.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Fully adhere to federal and local regulations with Procession. You will be able to control, handle and report chemicals in full compliance. Regulation requirements are tracked by product and GHS Compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) is accessible within Sage X3 (Enterprise Management). Utilize the Product Registration tracking to manage sales in restricted locations (Pesticides and VOC) and produce GHS Compliant Package Labels. You'll also be able to create a VICS standard Bill of Lading with Hazard designation and the DOT Proper Shipping Name.