Sage BusinessVision Accounting 2014 and is all about improving ease-of-use with enhancements to data management capabilities, quick access to information via search functionality, and revamped reporting. Stay one step ahead of your competition and let Sage BusinessVision (BV) provide you with the tools that will keep lines moving and customers happy.

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  • Accuracy

    Ensure that transactions are posted to the correct period and that funds are appropriately allocated. The new update includes the ability to lock future fiscal periods which prevents them from incorrectly posting transactions.

  • Vendor Maintenance

    Updates in accuracy also extend to Vendor Maintenance: Cheques will no longer accidentally print when attempting to record payment transactions thanks to the Print Cheque setting.

  • Shipping and Mailing

    Increase efficiency with shipping and mailing invoices by defining the default shipping address on Purchase Orders without having to change the invoice's mailing address. Reprint or resend an invoice or Purchase Order after they have been emailed the first time.

  • Privacy

    Now you can increase payroll security and ensure employee privacy by limiting access to only the “View Address” area.

  • Transaction Efficiency

    With the addition of the Line Item Discount field on the POS main screen, you can minimize steps and increase transaction efficiency.

  • Inventory

    You will now be able to gain clarity on inventory items with Purchase Order and Purchase Order history tabs that provide information on current and past purchases

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