Sage Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is an industry-leading, customizable HRMS solution that helps companies deploy a solution while meeting their budget and requirement. HRMS aims to improve their HR practices and provides an integrated software solution to help small- to mid-sized businesses increase productivity, while tackling challenging HR issues.

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  • Time off and FMLA Tracking

    Improve your business processes and better manage your workforce by accurately tracking their time on and off work. This allows you to appropriately allocate resources by knowing exactly where your hours are going. With Sage Human Resource Management System (HRMS) you can manage all types of absences and correctly categorize them. Because of this, in the case of sicknesses and leaves, for example, you can quickly reassign tasks and duties to other workforce so you are never behind schedule and always on task.

  • Cyber Recruiter

    Allowing for easier communication between candidates, recruiters and hiring/HR managers, this solution also lets you track every aspect of the process as it moves forward. Designed to make the application and hiring processes easier, this tool moves information fluidly through recruiters, internal job postings, major job posting sites, and your company website.

  • Time Sheets

    Sage TimeSheet is customizable and easily adapted to any workplace or work group’s structure and schedule. Access features such as multi-level sign off, black out dates, and definable workflow approval processes. Sage TimeSheet adds sophisticated time and expense data collection to all Sage financials, project management, and payroll system modules.

  • Talent Management

    It is important to attract top talent and maximize their newly acquired potential, and to also make the best use of the staff you already have by ensuring that they continue to develop and achieve their goals. Specifically designed as an end-to-end solution from hiring to compensation and tracking, the software integrates all your company information and makes your data reportable, trackable and transparent.

  • Efficient, Quick and Customizable

    The centralized Sage Human Resource Management System (HRMS) database contains all the present and historic information about active and inactive employees of the organization, so that you always know what’s going on. Sage HRMS encompasses all efficiency advantages including being able to quickly view accurate key employee information, including benefits plan, skills, education, compensation and more.

  • Comprehensive Benefits

    With Sage Human Resource Management System (HRMS), you will now be able to minimize your costs while empowering your employees to make their own benefits selections through the Internet or intranet. This means you will save countless hours and piles of paperwork by moving benefits to self-service for your staff and offers them easy step-by-step wizards guide to help employees choose their own plan.

  • Government and Regulation Compliance

    Allow Sage HRMS to take care of government and regulation compliances for the US and/or Canada. It will properly manage critical data for government reporting and alert you to coverage and cost options, as well as completing eligibility reports for COBRA management.