Empower your Human Resources (HR) department with an interactive cloud solution. Sage People is a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that gives your HR Department the tools to break down barriers to growth by simplifying and streamlining your core HR operations and processes.
  • Secure Cloud Platform

    Mobile phones function as mini computers, so we're used to the convenience of being able to complete tasks on the go. Depending on software that is only accessible on local computers severely limits how effectively your HR department operates. Sage People uses the world's leading enterprise cloud platform, the Salesforce App Cloud. This gives your team reliable, secure and private access to your HR solution from any device with an internet connection - including their smartphones!

  • Interactive, not just Informational

    Employees are no longer satisfied with a question-and-answer structure with Human Resources - they want to be more involved and play an active role in their career progression. Traditional HR Systems focus on being informational and collecting employee information in one place. As a Human Capital Management (HCM) System, Sage People is focused on collaboration. It provides employees with a self-service portal that feels similar to a social network, where they can manage their information and interact with HR on a regular basis.

  • Real-Time Data in Centralized System

    Human Resources is responsible for maintaining consistency across your company in how employees are hired, managed and retained. This becomes more challenging as you grow. Sage People gives all of your offices real-time access to a central cloud solution, ensuring constant access to updated data. This also means that you don't have to reconcile data from multiple fragmented systems, which is time-consuming, challenging, and can affect the reliability of your data.

  • Seamless Payroll

    Payroll can easily become a nightmare when your solutions aren't connected and lack support for international payments. Sage People seamlessly connects with existing financial solutions, so you can effectively manage costs, and benefit from automated payroll processes. These features allow you to deliver accurate & timely payments including reimbursements, accruals and advances. The HCM Solution also offers both multi-country and multi-currency, and helps you navigate local laws to ensure you remain compliant with rules and regulations.

  • Actionable Data with Advanced Analytics & Reporting

    Too often, company and employee data is tracked in spreadsheets or scattered across multiple systems. This makes it difficult for HR to make the information useful and actionable. With Sage People, all of your data lives in one place. The resulting advanced analytics and customizable reports can help HR stay one step ahead. One example would be setting up ‘smoke detectors’ that trigger changing behaviors, trends, or cultural shifts within the organization. HR can then be proactive and address issues before valuable talent is lost.

  • Simplify Core HR Operations

    Determining fair and reasonable compensation, planning employee career trajectories, assessing performance and managing employee resources are just a few examples of the challenges HR juggles on a daily basis. Sage People addresses that complexity by bringing all the tools you need to manage your core HR Operations into one place. Benefit from being able to satisfy the needs of your business and help your employees reach their career goals at the same time.

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