While a lot of can be done with IT Management and smart technology, we all know things can go awry and some issues require human assistance. Our Managed Services team offers extensive support through an active IT Help Desk and both remote & on site tech support options.  We’re dedicated to supporting your business in every way needed, so your customers & staff can do what they need!

  • IT Help Desk

    When you need IT support, you want help right away and not automated help - personalized. With our IT Help Line at 1-866-670-6686, you'll be connected with real people right away and the IT Support team is available Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm PST, with after-hours assistance available for clients upon request. We promise not to ask you if you tried rebooting the system.

  • Remote & On-Site Technical Support

    Since Murphy's Law seems to love technology, issues don't book appointments and always seem to pop up at the most inconvenient time for your business. We realize each situation is unique and may need an equally unique solution, so our IT experts are ready to help either remotely or on site. Our Managed Services Support team will work with you to resolve issues as efficiently as possible, minimizing their impact on your business and sanity.

  • Pro-active Problem Solving

    Although some problems can seem small and your staff probably find quick work around to continue with their productivity, those problems can be an indication of a larger issue in the system, or eat away at your staff's efficiency, or grow to be big problems later on. None of these are good options, so our IT Support experts will look into even the smallest of issues right away to make sure your system is always running at top productivity.

  • Smart Technology

    Using the latest smart technology, we monitor your system 24/7 for not only issues as soon as they may pop up, but abnormalities that could lead to issues down the road. Since people unfortunately have to sleep at some point, smart monitoring technology allows our experts to always keeping tabs on your system's health & safety - giving you peace of mind that your system will always be there to support your business.