Time-Saving Shortcuts for NetSuite

Windows users are all familiar with the joys of ‘Ctrl + C’ to copy, ‘Ctrl + V’ to paste and ‘Ctrl + S’ to save. As insignificant as theses keyboard shortcuts seem, they can make tasks less tedious, freeing up time to spend on other things. While NetSuite is based more on the premise of point and click, there are a few useful shortcuts that will save you time in your day-to-day tasks.

Date Range Shortcuts

T = Automatically fill the field with today’s date.
Y = Automatically fill the field with yesterday’s date.
Shift + t = Fill in tomorrow’s date.
M = Fill in the last day of the month.
+ = Move the date forward one day.
= Move the date backward one day.

Reports Viewing Shortcuts

Page Up = Go to the previous page of the report.
Page Down = Go to the next page of a report.
Home = Go to the first page of the report.
End = Go to the last page of the report.

Other helpful Netsuite shortcuts

Ctrl + F5 = Refreshes the current page you are on. This is particularly useful on the dashboards to refresh all of the charts, KPIs and reminders.
Alt + G = Moves the cursor to the Global Search Field.

Global Search Field Shortcuts

You can use the global search field to search through everything in your NetSuite solution, however if you know exactly what you are looking for it can be beneficial to filter the results. Insert one of the following terms into the Global Search Field before your search item to narrow your search down to a specific type, for example inv: for invoice searches.

Contact = co:
Customer = cu:
Employee = emp:
Estimate = est:
Expense Report = exp:
Invoice = inv:
Item = it:
Opportunity = opp:
Sales Order = so: