On-Demand Webinar: Building the Transformative ERP Business Case

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As companies globally drown in spreadsheets, navigate error-prone processes, and struggle to overcome stagnant organic growth, the call for a transformative ERP system is apparent.

In this webinar, President of TechVentive, Brian Sommer, will reveal thought-provoking concepts, which will help you create a successful transformative ERP business case to present to your executive committee.

Learn how you can:

  • Create and convey a compelling vision;
  • Reimagine existing processes with innovative technologies;
  • Anticipate and deal with potential objections; and
  • Make ERP changes to satisfy post-pandemic requirements.

Onboarding new ERP software isn’t just about upgrading technologies. It’s about creating new, financially prudent opportunities for your firm – opportunities that will modernize processes, spur resiliency and agility, and grow your top and bottom lines. All this begins with a great business case.