Sage Intacct

Healthcare and Private Equity

Thursday, January 20th at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

Private equity (PE) continues to expand its scope and reach in healthcare, as PE firms seek out specific organizations and segments of the market that are poised for high growth. With so much activity underway, it’s important for healthcare finance leaders to understand how they can evaluate opportunities and lead their organizations through a potential event.

Whether your healthcare organization is currently owned by a PE firm, is hoping to be acquired, or is a segment of the healthcare industry that is targeted by PE, this webinar has something for every finance leader to take back to their team.

Attendees will learn:

  • How consolidation of specialty areas and sites of care, healthcare IT investments and more, combined with the pandemic, are accelerating PE activity
  • Key segments, attributes and characteristics that PE firms are looking for in today’s market
  • What to expect if your organization is acquired by a PE firm and becomes “part of the family”

During the event, you’ll hear from Sage Intacct’s healthcare PE expert, Jesse Weber, and Nicki Lambropoulos, Operating Partner at Cold Bore Capital, to better understand what areas of the market PE firms are watching, what this might mean for privately held companies, and how portfolio finance executives at PE-owned companies can keep ownership well-informed on the accomplishments of the organization.