Sage 300

Keep Your Accounts in Order with Systronics and Sage 300

Thursday 18 June 2020, 10am to 10.45am (PST)

Keeping your financials in order is incredibly important in a time of crisis. It ensures that, once this crisis has eased, you can keep moving and growing. Sage 300 users have a number of options for add-on modules that enhance and strengthen their system.


This webinar, on Thursday, June 18 2020, at 10am, will feature three high-value modules:

  • Revenue and Expense Deferrals aims to by-pass the spreadsheet model of tracking and managing deferred payments. It does this through predefined schedules and comprehensive reports. It can also amortize revenues to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002.
  • Cashflow Forecasting offers a unique opportunity to forecast cash flow and manage bank balances inside Sage 300 by auto-generating transactions, manually entering provisional ones and running “what if” scenarios.
  • Finally, Toolpac efficiently identifies mismatches between Sage 300 modules, for example, mismatches between A/R balances and corresponding G/L accounts. You can think of ToolPac as an inter-module integrity check. 


Join us for this 45-minute exploration of these tools, and find out how they can positively impact your business. Fill out the form to save your seat!