7 Things to Look for in a Field Service Management System

As all service-oriented businesses shift to same-day service, timely customer support, and immediate communications as the norm, customer demands for digital-oriented service and communication in the field service industry has become very prevalent. Outdated systems not only reduce the capacity of your field service business, they can impact profitability and prevent your business from being competitive. 

Field Service Management System Must-Haves

The following seven features are the minimum requirements that you should be searching for in your software for field service management:

  1. Scheduling and Dispatching
  2. Mobile Technology
  3. Installed Equipment Tracking
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Integration with Back-End Systems
  6. Flexible Billing
  7. Analytics

One underlying aspect you should be searching for in a field service management software is a solution that is all-inclusive of your field service needs. Not only should these seven features be included in your field service management system, but they should all be connected to improve the accuracy of each part. For example, real-time inventory tracking should be synced with everything to help with job scheduling, financial analysis, and customer billing. 

To dive deeper into what a future-forward field service management system should include, read the full whitepaper: Top 7 Things to Look for in a Field Service Management System.

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How to Build a Field Service Management System Customized to Your Needs

Field Service Business Analysis

Begin with a brief analysis of your field service business’s current operations, challenges, and goals. Drill down on the data you currently do have, such as geographical info on service jobs, costs of admin work, project delays and reasons, and collaboration that occurs between different departments. 

Field Service Goals and KPIs

Next, create a list of quantitative goals you’d like to achieve through an improved field service management system. We recommend starting with the top three goals that will make the biggest impact on your business. Put definitive numbers and percentage amounts to the metrics you’d like to improve on, such as the following:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Job completions;
  • New customer acquisitions;
  • Cost reductions;
  • Time spent on the road;
  • Time spent on administrative work;
  • Productivity gains; and
  • Profit margin boosts. 

Once you know which areas you’d like to focus on, there is likely a specific aspect of field service management software that can address it.

Consider the following extensive list of features included in Acumatica Field Service Edition


Designed for small- and mid-sized field service organizations, Acumatica’s open API infrastructure and best-of-breed base allows companies to make custom integrations, connect with industry-specific tools, and expand the business at minimal cost and disruption. You can include just the modules that will specifically benefit your business, avoiding unnecessary costs.