What Propels Us?

Below, you can read the statements that power our whole company.

We realize many companies have statements and boilerplates, however, these words are truly what drives us to do what we do every day, on every level.

The following words were debated on down to the minutiae of what inspires us and how we make decisions. While we may not always achieve all aspects at all times, we certainly do our best as a team to strive for these behaviours and any time we are at a fork in the road, we all use these to help guide how we support our clients, partners, and staff.


We propel businesses forward.


People First. Putting People before Technology.


We are passionate about helping businesses succeed through technology that empowers. We are personally invested in our people & communities, and focus on customers’ needs by understanding the important questions and finding the right answers.


We have many values and some are fluid, but our five Core Values personify our reputation. Our customers can rely on them and they are all uniquely critical to delivering our services & products.


We say what we do and do what we say. We pride ourselves in having the best people and the best talent to empower our customers with expertise that they can trust. Built upon a foundation of integrity, we are reliable and responsive.


Everyone we work with is a partner – from our solution providers, to our team, to our clients. Trust is core to what we do and our customers’ results are our results.


Being agile and flexible means our processes are straightforward and easy to follow. As deliberate optimists, a conversation followed by a handshake means we are in business. This gives us the freedom and power to keep things simple.


We pride ourselves on our strength of character across all aspects of our lives. Our team is known for their honesty, sincerity and dedication, and we are fiercely loyal to all our partners.


A culture of citizenship and giving is who we are. We do it because it’s right. From encouraging staff in their individual volunteer passions to helping large community partners, we use economies of scale to increase our impact for the greater good.