Acumatica Hackathon 2024: Tackling Corporate Sustainability

The Acumatica Hackathon 2024 was a dynamic venue for innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving within the cloud ERP solutions sector. Over the course of the event, teams converged to tackle challenges, push boundaries, and showcase their cleverness. 

The Hackathon, aligned with Acumatica‘s commitment to fostering corporate sustainability development, saw participants engage in a flurry of coding, brainstorming, and strategizing to devise cutting-edge solutions. Among the standout moments was the culmination of a 12-hour session on a Saturday, setting the stage for transformative and inventive projects during Sunday afternoon’s presentations. 

As teams poured their energy and expertise into their endeavours, the spirit of competition was evident, culminating in the recognition of our team’s outstanding achievements.

Third Place – Team Fuzz

Acumatica Hackathon Team Fuzz

Our Director of Application Development, Kulvir Kaila, and his phenomenal team, Team Fuzz, stood out during the Acumatica Hackathon, securing a well-deserved third place. Their journey from the Acumatica Summit Hackathon this year revolved around a crucial theme: Sustainable Development Goals.

Acumatica Hackathon Kulvir Kaila’s Team Fuzz

Their passion? Tackling the challenge of managing carbon footprints in manufacturing is a topic close to their hearts. They poured their energy into finding creative solutions, using tools like and Climatiq to pull emissions data seamlessly into Acumatica. With manufacturing responsible for a significant portion of global carbon emissions, their project addressed a pressing need for accurate tracking. Moreover, their approach wasn’t just about crunching numbers – they genuinely care for the environment. 

Their goal? A solution that records and reports environmental impact and helps companies reduce it. By harnessing Microsoft’s tools like Sustainability Manager and the MS Cloud for Sustainability, they’re paving the way for more eco-friendly practices in the corporate world, fostering corporate sustainability. Team Fuzz’s journey wasn’t just about winning a competition but about making a real difference, one carbon footprint at a time.

Second Place – Team AcuCycle

Acumatica Hackathon AcuCycle Team

Our Senior ERP Application Developer, Leonardo Justiniano‘s team, named AcuCycle, secured an impressive second place at the Acumatica Hackathon with their waste management solution, breathing life into the concept of sustainability with a touch of innovation.

Their project addressed a critical issue the United States Environmental Protection Agency highlighted – the need to increase recycling efforts. Staggering statistics revealed that only a fraction of 67.2 million recyclable materials in the United States were being processed — out of a possible 267.8 million tons – so AcuCycle set out to change the game. 

Acumatica Hackathon Leonardo Justiniano’s Team AcuCycle

Their solution streamlined the recycling process for companies, offering an intuitive interface where users could effortlessly set up recycling workflows. Through the Recycling setup screen, companies could designate specific warehouses for recycling activities, while the Recycle Wizard simplified the generation of Recycle Entries, automating the kit disassembly process. 

By leveraging the configured Bin Capacity and the Process Bin Capacity screen, users could seamlessly create transactions to sell or purchase services for handling recycled components. AcuCycle’s “Measure, Reduce, Recycle” mantra encapsulated their dedication to promoting sustainable practices. Looking ahead, their vision extended beyond mere recycling; they envisioned a future where refurbishing and waste reduction were integral parts of corporate workflows. 

Their project highlighted the power of custom workflows, item classification, and native module extensions in driving meaningful change in corporate sustainability. With a focus on maximizing savings and minimizing waste, AcuCycle’s solution illuminated the path toward a more environmentally conscious future, where every item was valued, and every resource was utilized to its fullest potential.

Acumatica MVP Award – Kulvir Kaila and Leonardo Justiniano

Acumatica Hackathon Kulvir Kaila and Leonardo Justiniano

Kulvir and Leonardo, both valuable members of the Acumatica community and The Answer Company, have been honoured with the prestigious Acumatica 2024 MVP award for their exceptional contributions and dedication to the community. This recognition is not just a testament to their achievements but a celebration of their dedication to helping others and fostering a culture of collaboration within Acumatica’s ecosystem.

As Acumatica MVPs, Kulvir and Leonardo exemplify the essence of Acumatica’s mantra: “Building the Future of Business, Together.” Their actions go beyond the call of duty, demonstrating leadership, expertise, and a genuine desire to support their peers and advance our collective knowledge. Whether it’s sharing insights, answering questions, or providing valuable feedback, they consistently elevate the community, enriching the experiences of all those around them.

Being an Acumatica MVP is more than just a title; it recognizes the passion, dedication, and impact on the community. Congratulations, Kulvir and Leonardo, on this well-deserved recognition!

If you’re inspired by the stories of our MVPs in enhancing corporate sustainability at the Acumatica Hackathon and intrigued by what Acumatica can offer, schedule a complimentary call with us to explore how Acumatica can help your business thrive. Together, we can build a brighter future for your business, leveraging the power of technology and community support every step of the way.