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Inefficiencies Efficiency

“We were running on Sage 50, but our business model had outgrown its capabilities,” recalls Kevin Chiang, Chief Business Development Officer for Superprem. “We were running a separate installation of the software at each of our offices, and then spending way too much time consolidating the data each month.”

Each month, Superprem’s controller spent two to three days rekeying hundreds of invoices into the accounting software in order to produce a consolidated set of financials.

Tracking inventory was also a struggle for the company. “We only tracked inventory at one office, entering in the transactions from the other locations at the end of the month,” Chiang explains. “What that meant was we only had accurate inventory data once a month. Sales reps had to call the warehouses to check stock for every order.”

Moving to the Cloud

Superprem began the search for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to support its operations. “We wanted our controller to focus on strategy, not data entry,” says Chiang. “And we wanted accurate inventory data every day. And overall, we wanted to be more technology-driven in each of our business processes.”

Superprem narrowed its ERP search to cloud-based solutions. “We don’t have a dedicated IT staff, so we really wanted to move to a cloud solution that is simpler to administer and easier to access remotely,” says Chiang.

The company reviewed several cloud ERP solutions before deciding on Acumatica. “We like the Acumatica licensing model because it allows us to provide access to the software to all of our employees,” explains Chiang. “We pay for the features and resources we use, not for the number of users. We have lots of casual users, and with other cloud ERP applications, we’d have to buy each one a user license.”

Partnering with Experience

With the selection of the right ERP application for its operations, Superprem next sought a business partner to help it implement and launch the software. “We zeroed in on The Answer Company”, says Chiang. “We liked that they have experience with Sage and with Acumatica, so they could appreciate where we were, and where we wanted to go.”

The Answer Company’s consultants worked closely with Superprem throughout the implementation, to ensure a smooth transition. “The Answer Company was very patient with us throughout the process. They gave us straight answers and helped set our expectations for the transition”, says Chiang.

Improvements to Every Process

The company has completely changed its internal processes to more efficient, productive workflows that eliminate manual tasks and speed the order-to-invoice cycle.

Multicompany capabilities within Acumatica make it easy to account for Superprem’s separate stock holding and distribution entities, eliminating the duplicate data entry previously required, and delivering real-time insight into each aspect of its operations.

Superprem’s controller is now able to focus on the strategic aspects of her job, not simply the transactions. “She’s no longer reentering data, so she can spend more time analyzing the data and looking for additional ways we can grow and improve,” Chiang says.

Order processing times are down, and accuracy is up. Warehouse personnel track the day’s orders on a dashboard that provides the precise data they need to get orders picked, packed, and shipped. Salespeople are able to monitor the status of each of their orders, and provide customers with updated statuses and shipping information.

With data coming from multiple applications, routine tasks such as commission calculations used to take Chiang more than eight hours each month. Now the task is completed in under two hours.

The company’s mobile salesforce accesses Acumatica through their phones or tablets from anywhere in the world. “Before, they would have to call an assistant back in the office for information like what the customer ordered before, what they paid, and what we have in stock,” Chiang says. “With Acumatica, they have all that information available to them and enter their own orders from anywhere.”

Chiang says he recommends Acumatica to any company looking for a scalable cloud-based ERP that easily handles multiple locations and multiple companies. “And I’d definitely recommend The Answer Company. They provide candid and honest information, they manage projects very effectively, and they always keep us in the loop. We see a bright future.”



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