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The Answer Company is the leading Canadian Acumatica Partner. Choosing the right ERP partner is crucial for a successful implementation. Our detailed discovery process ensures a profound understanding of your business, leading to customized solutions aligned with your goals. 

With over 30 years of experience and a house full of the best ERP consultants, we map out comprehensive and customized ERP solutions, keeping the process transparent and collaborative. Our in-depth specialist training, hands-on functional testing, and ongoing support ensure a seamless transition and continuous improvement. We are committed to building a long-term partnership, offering flexible solutions that adapt to your evolving business needs.

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Transform Your Business with the leading Canadian Acumatica Partner

Our Digital Transformation Service Offerings

The right ERP consulting service can propel a business into a new era of efficiency and innovation. The Answer Company stands as a pillar of strength in this transformative journey, providing a spectrum of services that cater to every aspect of ERP adoption and optimization. Here is a closer look at the comprehensive digital transformation service range that underscores our commitment to excellence and client success.

The Answer Company’s comprehensive suite of services goes beyond traditional ERP consulting; it’s about crafting a digital ecosystem that propels your business toward efficiency, growth, and profitability.

Management Consulting

Software Selection
Solution Design
RFP Preparation
Needs Analysis

ERP hosting

Professional Services


ERP hosting

Software Development


Our ERP Consulting Services

  • Management Consulting

    The Answer Company stands at the forefront of digital transformation, offering in-depth Management Consulting services that set the stage for a successful ERP journey. Our services include:

    • Software Selection: We dive deep into your business requirements to handpick the ERP software that best fits your needs.
    • Solution Design: Crafting tailored solutions that align with your business objectives and growth trajectory.
    • RFP Preparation: We are adept at completing comprehensive Request for Proposals, documenting your business processes, challenges, workflows, and, goals and identifying the best-fit solutions.
    • Needs Analysis: Conducting meticulous analysis to identify and document your precise business and technological needs.
  • Professional ERP Software Services

    With a dedicated nationwide network of ERP experts and thousands of digital transformations, The Answer Company’s ERP Implementation process incorporates best practices to ensure a smooth and efficient ERP rollout:

    • ERP Implementation: Meticulous planning and execution of your ERP implementation to ensure minimal disruption and maximum benefit.
    • Configuration: Customizing your ERP system to align perfectly with your specific business processes and workflows.
    • Training: Empowering your team with the knowledge and skills they need to make the most of your new ERP system.
    • Support: Offering ongoing assistance to handle any challenges post-implementation, ensuring your ERP system evolves with your business.
    • Business Reviews and Enhancements: We conduct regular reviews to assess the performance of your ERP system and identify enhancements to drive continuous improvement and align with evolving business goals.

  • Software Development & ERP Customization

    Our Software Development expertise allows us to enhance your ERP environment with:

    • Customizations: Modifying your ERP software to fit the unique demands of your business.
    • Extensibility: Expanding the capabilities of your ERP system to grow with your business.
    • Integrations: Seamlessly integrating third-party business applications with your ERP to create a unified business management platform.
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Client Impact Stories

Our purpose as an ERP consulting firm is to Propel Businesses Forward. We are committed to understanding the unique challenges and aspirations of each client, providing tailored expertise, and delivering comprehensive business and ERP solutions. Whether it’s the implementation of ERP systems like Acumatica, our aim is to transform businesses by optimizing processes, enhancing efficiency, and fostering growth. We take pride in being a trusted partner, guiding clients through their digital transformation journey, and ensuring they achieve their business objectives. Our purpose is anchored in the success of our clients, and we strive to be the answer they need for sustained excellence in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

“Using Acumatica is great! Our Accounts team, especially, think so. They look after our customers and the dealers. Acumatica gives them the ability to look up inventory very efficiently.”

– Robert Vandenbyllaardt, CIO and CFO of Herd North America

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“We have complete visibility into where inventory is at all times. Now we know where everything is. We’ve had the best inventory that we’ve ever experienced. Not only was it done in half the time, but we’ve had the lowest variance.”

– Allison Buchanan, CEO, Style in Form

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North America Home Finance (NAHF) Logo in colour

“Our entities differ greatly – and we have over 10 of them. Acumatica was the only ERP that could handle all of our operations and customers – while connecting all our data.”

– George Lawton, CEO at North America Home Finance

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Explore Our ERP Solution Offerings

Transform your business with confidence by choosing a scalable ERP solution tailored to meet your unique needs. Acumatica, a leading cloud-native ERP solution, empowers you with accurate, streamlined automation and real-time insights, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Industry-specific versions mean agile systems that cover all of your needs without bloating your solution with unnecessary features.

Trust in The Answer Company to guide you toward the perfect ERP solution, unlocking a new era of efficiency, growth, and competitive advantage. Explore our offerings and transform your business today.

Expertise in Diverse Industries


Elevate your construction projects with precision and efficiency. Our Construction ERP solutions are finely tuned to streamline project management, enhance collaboration, and ensure flawless communication across all stakeholders. From project planning to resource allocation, our solutions meet dynamic industry demands.


Master the art of dynamic distribution with our agile and accurate Distribution ERP solutions. Our offerings include real-time inventory tracking, order fulfillment optimization, and intelligent logistics management. A seamless, ERP system integration can propel your distribution network to new heights.


In the realm of manufacturing, where precision is paramount, our ERP consulting services focus on optimizing workflows, improving supply chain management, and delivering real-time insights. Stay ahead of the curve with a tailored Manufacturing ERP solution designed to boost efficiency and drive informed decision-making.

Retail and E-commerce

In the fast-paced world of retail and e-commerce, innovation is key. Our ERP consulting services offer a unified platform for managing inventory, orders, and customer experiences. Stay ahead of the competition with an integrated ERP system that adapts to the evolving needs of your retail business.

We cater to many more industries. Check out what ERP solution is fitting for your business!


The Benefits of Working with an ERP Consulting Firm

  • Expertise in ERP Implementation
    • ERP consulting firms bring specialized expertise in business technology, ensuring a well-designed solution tailored to unique business models.
    • Their proficiency in specific ERP software and commitment to continuous education result in higher ROIs and improved KPIs within a few months.
  • Value-Added Resellers (VARs)
    • ERP consulting firms, certified as VARs like The Answer Company, navigate vendor negotiations efficiently, avoiding unnecessary modules.
    • As Sage Platinum Elite and Acumatica Gold VARs partners, they design solutions with specific functionalities, adding substantial value to organizational change and needs.
  • Software Demonstration
    • ERP consulting groups have dedicated software teams providing in-depth demonstrations and guiding executive teams through pros and cons based on company processes and goals.
    • Avoiding decisions fueled by poor understanding, their expertise ensures informed choices during software selection.
  • Specialized Project Management
    • ERP consultants excel in project management, leveraging over 2000 implementations to efficiently create timelines and prevent project failures.
    • With the ability to adapt to changes, hiring an ERP consulting firm can significantly reduce project timelines and unnecessary software costs.
  • Unbiased Analysis of Your Company
    • External ERP consultants conduct unbiased business analyses, identifying internal processes, pain points, and goals for the future.
    • Their detail-oriented approach through extensive discovery ensures a clear understanding of current and desired processes.
  • Unique Industry Insights
    • Specializing in select industries, ERP consulting firms like The Answer Company offer invaluable industry insights, regulatory knowledge, and lessons learned from past implementations.
    • Access to industry-specific resources, surveys, and success guides ensures a tailored approach to client needs.
  • Ongoing ERP Training and Support
    • ERP consultants provide expert training and ongoing support, reducing workflow delays and stress during transitions.
    • Functioning as long-term partners, ERP consulting firms offer technical support even years into the digital transformation, optimizing costs based on services utilized.
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Do you have a question? We have an answer.

Find answers made just for you. Dive into our easy-to-use FAQ section, where we’ve gathered all the info you need. Whether it’s a quick question or something more detailed, we’re here to make it simple. Let’s tackle any confusion together so you can get the answers you’re looking for hassle-free.

Who Uses ERP Software and Why
What kind of companies use ERP software?

Small businesses, mid-sized enterprises, and large corporations leverage ERP to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

When should a company consider investing in an ERP system?

If your business is experiencing growth, operational inefficiencies, or a need for better data management. If manual processes hinder scalability or decision-making, implementing an ERP becomes necessary.

ERP Software Selection
How can you select the right ERP consultant?

Look for consultants with industry experience, a proven track record, and a deep understanding of your business needs. Evaluate their communication skills, project management expertise, and commitment to ongoing support. Choosing an ERP consultant aligned with your goals ensures a smooth ERP implementation tailored to your company’s unique requirements.

How much does ERP software cost?

The cost varies widely depending on the complexity of the system, the vendor, and the deployment model, with cloud-based ERP typically being subscription-based.

How important is ERP integration to your existing systems?

ERP integration connects disparate business processes into a unified, efficient framework. It ensures real-time data flow, enhancing decision-making, and reducing manual errors.

Common Software Questions
What is ERP software?

ERP software integrates and organizes data necessary for front-office and back-office operations, streamlining business processes across an organization.

What is the difference between ERP and CRM software?

While ERP software integrates various business processes, CRM software is focused on automating sales and marketing functions and managing customer relationships.

What is Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) software?

MRP software, often included within ERP systems, focuses on manufacturing processes from product conception to production planning.


ERP Implementation
What are common ERP implementation methodologies?

These include phased, parallel, pilot, and combination rollouts, as well as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) methodologies.

What does an ERP implementation life cycle look like?

It generally includes planning and organization, system evaluation and selection, initial installation, data conversion, procedure development, user training, testing, go-live, and post-live adjustments.

What are some change management strategies for successful ERP implementation?

Effective change management strategies involve stakeholder engagement, training, communication, and a focus on standardized methods for handling changes to minimize impact on service quality.

What are ERP implementation challenges?

Challenges can include data conversion, technical requirements, hardware costs, and managing resistance to change within the organization.

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