How Do You Know when You’ve Outgrown Your System?

The system that fulfilled all of your needs when you selected it isn’t always your “forever ERP”. Your business continues to evolve and grow, and it’s important to recognize when you are outgrowing your current business management system. Staying with an old accounting system stunts your company’s growth and wastes both time and money.

However, even if you have suspected you might need a new system, how do you know for sure that you’ve outgrown your current one?

Join The Answer Company’s Director of Pre-Sales and Solution Design, Darren Redies, in this ERP Workshop to discover the five tell-tale signs that you’ve outgrown your solution and what to do when you start feeling the squeeze.

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ERP Workshop: What is Digital Transformation?

Put simply, digital transformation is the process of utilizing digital technologies to their full potential to create new — or modify existing — business processes, strategies and initiatives.

Digital transformation is about resilience

Digital transformation is equivalent to “business resilience”. Or put another way, digital transformation helps you become future proof. This is how you protect yourself from the next “event”—the next pandemic, natural disaster, or other unforeseen event. By transforming your business with digital technologies like ERP, you can help it become more resilient to whatever circumstance it encounters.

Digital transformation is strategically critical 

Across every industry, business leaders are focusing on innovation and technology to improve the efficiency and performance of their businesses. Now, more than ever, they need to develop strategies that make their organizations relevant, memorable and competitive in an era where digital business transformation is not just a goal, it’s a continuous, speeding journey. Companies that have not leveraged the benefits of digital transformation will find themselves lagging behind at a crippling disadvantage.

Digital transformation is here to stay

The need for digital transformation is part of our business reality; our “new normal”. Businesses and workers have seen the power of digital transformation on productivity, collaboration, and competitiveness and there is no going back. The rate of change will continue and businesses will become more willing to adapt new technologies to gain a competitive edge. Digital transformation is here to stay. Are you going to stay behind?

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