Field Services companies have to manage a lot of moving parts: scheduling workers in the field, managing maintenance of any machines, and bread-and-butter tasks like payroll and accounting. While there are stand-alone software platforms that can manage different aspects of the business, true power comes in an integrated and centralized ERP software for field service management. Handle everything from real-time reports to getting updates from jobs from right out in the field using mobile tech. 

How ERP Solves Field Services Pain Points


  • Lack of communication and scheduling

    In the field service industry having to return to a customer site to redo work is time consuming and costly which is why getting the job done right the first time is essential. Having to return and redo work is usually due to the lack of communication about a customer’s problem. For example, technicians could come with the incorrect equipment or problems and technician skills aren’t effectively matched. Using an ERP system can help with scheduling the right people at the right time so the job can be completed efficiently and effectively.

  • Real-time Information

    Collaboration between on-site staff and operations managers can be a challenge especially when there are manual processes in place. With the right field services ERP solution your employees can stay up to date with the information that matters to them. Personalized dashboards can be created and help you turn raw data into effective visual charts to guide decision making.

  • Slow and Manual Billing

    In the field service industry, there is a significant challenge when it comes to billing processes. Some processes involve extensive manual steps such as recording time and material work orders in the field, delivering them to the office, and having to manually enter into an accounting system before an invoice can be created. With a modern software for field service management, information can be collected quickly on mobile devices while in the field and connected to the office more efficiently, reducing your company's billing cycle time.

  • Data Silos

    For some field service companies, they run the risk of keeping customer data, processes, schedules and financials in separate systems. This can prevent a complete picture of your company, cause time-consuming headaches and negatively affect your customer service. With an all-in-one cloud ERP, you can gain a 360-degree view of your business processes. This will help you improve customer experience, take control of finances, and increase profits.

  • Emergency Service Calls

    Even with properly managed schedules, you never know when your company may receive an emergency service call. A modern solution for field service management can help you handle unplanned service calls, enable you to find out how changes to planned routes will affect the team with the least amount of impact to the planned schedule and have the new service order sent to the technician’s mobile device.

The Benefits of Software for Field Service Management

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  • All-in-One System

    For field service companies, regardless if your team members work predominantly in-office or remotely, your data should be up-to-date to ensure business continuity. An all-in-one ERP software for field service management solves the time-consuming task of manually entering data into multiple systems. Complete orders more accurately and efficiently so your company can spend more time on building connections and addressing customer needs.

  • Seamless Scheduling

    Service requests require varying levels of skills, expertise and qualifications which make scheduling and time management challenging. Modern ERP solutions simplify scheduling by capturing service needs, customer information, product history and resources required for each call, and cross-referencing that with your technicians and availability. Create schedules automatically to save time or manually, using drag-and-drop tools.

  • Inventory Management

    Many field service companies struggle to keep track of inventory because tools and parts are always spread across multiple vehicles and warehouses, which can also leave technicians without the parts they need for services. An ERP can have robust inventory features that make it easy to keep track of inventory and trigger when stock needs to be replenished. When specific materials are required for a call, utilize alert features that will notify dispatchers when materials have arrived at the desired location so service appointments can be scheduled accordingly.

  • Mobile Accessibility

    Field service technicians can experience any number of last minute changes on the day, such as cancellations, emergency service calls, or unforeseen traffic. An advanced field service ERP provides technicians access to the information they need no matter where they are on mobile devices. Technicians benefit from real-time access to planned routes, as well as service information and customer data. This makes it easy to add relevant information into the system while they are on-site, and gives dispatchers a simple and direct way to push information to technicians.

  • Route Planning with Google Maps Integration

    It's important that your technicians aren't sent on a wild goose chase making calls all across town. With a smart software for field service management, you can schedule service employees in similar areas to minimize commute time and maximize resources. Integrated your solution with Google Maps, so dispatchers have access to a map view of service calls planned for each technician, including a list of the materials they may require, such as equipment or machines.

  • Track Equipment Maintenance

    A technician is only as good as the information they have. Without an adequate history of service and equipment or machines installed, it makes it incredibly difficult for technicians to do their job. Keep a detailed history of service calls and the equipment installed at customer sites, including details such as manufacturer, model and configuration. Gain the ability to schedule preventative maintenance orders to minimize emergency calls and keep customers happy.

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