Technology Consulting is an expansive term that can include a lot of different aspects – and we do most (if not all) of them. Whether you know exactly what you need or just know you need help, our Managed Services team will work with you to develop innovative and creative IT solutions for your business. We offer objective technology advice so you can be knowledgeable & empowered to make informed decisions, and then help you execute on them.
  • Technology Analysis & Future Planning

    In order to give you the most accurate insight and make sure we're both set up for success, we always start with a system analysis to determine where your business is at from a technology standpoint. This analysis gives our IT experts the information needed to make recommendations specific for your company's future planning. Then they'll work with you to find the best IT solutions for your business from both a financial and practical perspective.

  • Hardware Selection

    In the process of your Technology Analysis, we'll determine if - or when - you need new equipment. If new hardware is in order, whether now or down the road, our technical team can make specific recommendations for your company's needs. We happily factor in price & capacity in these recommendations. We will also help you implement and transition to the new server, workstations, or equipment to make sure things are set up for long-term efficiency.

  • Budget Planning

    IT costs are generally ad-hoc and unpredictable. Matrix Managed Services stabilize your IT costs with one constant monthly fee, and bring consistency to the management of your IT needs. The monthly managed service cost includes almost everything you'll need to keep your network running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Counsel for New Technology

    The initial IT system analysis will also allow our experts to see if new technology is available that can give your company a competitive advantage. We specialize in discovering and mastering new developments in technology for the many industries across our active client base. This extensive knowledge can help you take advantage of new efficiencies as soon as they're available or plan for future developments that will work for your business and make you more successful.