The Answer Company Sponsors Up the Down Market – Investing in a Good Cause

Last week, The Answer Company had the privilege of sponsoring and attending the Down Syndrome Research Foundation’s (DSRF) annual fundraising event, “Up the Down Market”. As part of our Answering the Call initiative, we have proudly supported the DSRF and other organizations for many years; with our diamond sponsorship starting back in 2016. 

The DSRF aims to empower individuals with Down syndrome to reach their full potential by providing educational programs and services, disseminating information, and changing attitudes. Their vision is creating a Canada that values and empowers people living with Down syndrome, and promotes social and economic inclusion across the lifespan.

Previously, this key annual fundraising event was hosted as a large, in-person dinner with the focus being a stock trading exchange game. Like many fundraising events, it was heavily impacted by social distancing and limited gathering recommendations. The Answer Company played a pivotal role in enabling this event to be hosted online. 

“I was speaking to the Executive Director at the time and she mentioned how she hoped someday to get away from using paper to track trades at the event and an idea was born.” – Shawn Ostheimer, The Answer Company CEO 

With custom made software, developed and donated by our team, Up the Down Market participants were able to make their selections all electronically, when it previously had been all done on paper. This allowed for a smooth transition to a completely paperless and online event. 

During this event, our team went head-to-head with some of the brightest minds of the finance industry, buying and selling shares in fictitious companies to see who was the savviest and most proficient in the market. This was all done online as guests were able to mix and mingle virtually, make high stake bets through chat, bid on exciting silent auction prizes, and purchase tickets online for the popular Air Canada draw. 

I am happy to have the opportunity to highlight The Answer Company’s contribution to this incredibly important fundraising program for DSRF. Quite simply, if their team hadn’t had the vision to take our paper system online years ago, last night might very well have not happened. Our ability to pivot UDMD to a virtual model has played a key reason in why we have increased services for families during the pandemic, rather than cutting them, which is what some other social service organizations have had to do.” – Wayne Leslie, DSRF CEO 

This event was more than just investing in stocks and bonds, but investing towards a brighter future for individuals with Down syndrome, an investment that pays lifetime dividends to many families. We are honoured to have sponsored and participated in both the Vancouver and Toronto event that helped raise over $200,000 this year and will continue to support the DSRF’s cause in the future.