General Business


  • R1 has several enhancements to mailing capabilities, including branch-specific mailings, broader settings inheritance and deletion, and automated mail prioritization.
  • Users can now edit the Parent Activity field directly on Tasks, providing greater flexibility and organization.
  • There is a new Closure Notes section on Cases for more comprehensive case management.
  • Case Commitment Management enhancements empower users to set time commitments for various CRM entities, ensuring prompt responses and efficient service levels.
  • Enjoy enhanced user interface improvements across Work Calendar, Cases Forms, and Cases Classes Forms, now with added time tracking for committed cases.
  • Stay informed with Acumatica’s new notification capability for completed return orders.
  • Simplify approval processes by assigning multiple approvers for different documents through our streamlined Approval Map form.
  • Experience enhanced functionality in Relations, Approvals, and Activities Tabs across many forms, improving workflow efficiency.



  • Addressing a previous functionality gap, users can now reverse cash purchase documents and include cash return documents in bank deposits, completing the refund workflow seamlessly.
  • Easily add Approval or Rejection Reasons on various forms for improved documentation and accountability.
  • Our new Canadian EFT Plug-In ensures error-checks and exports CPA-005 compatible documents for payments to Canadian banks, streamlining financial processes.
  • Admins can now enable credit terms for credit memos, leading to faster workflows and more accurate Cash Flow Forecast.
  • Effortlessly manage bank transactions with Mapping of Multiple Accounts for Bank Feeds, enabling loading from different accounts or financial periods.
  • Native support for POS payments simplifies settings import, credit card requests, and refunds for POS transactions.
  • Enhanced support for Transmission of Level 2 Data during Credit Card Processing ensures secure and compliant transactions.


  • Usability improvements to paid time off (PTO) banks and settings associated with PTO, including transfer date types, carryover amounts, accrual types, and tiered PTO rules.

Industry-Specific Enhancement


  • Streamlined cost transaction linking on Pro Forma Invoices with a new side panel, enhancing billing accuracy.
  • Improved Pro Forma Invoice correction process for a smoother workflow.
  • Support negative expense receipts paid with corporate cards, facilitating refunds.
  • Enhanced project budget updating and allocation logic for improved financial management.



  • PaceJet is now a part of Acumatica Core, accessible via the Carriers form for streamlined shipping management.
  • Introducing distribution requirement planning (DRP) functionality for time-phased planning and sales forecasting.
  • Improved Invoice searching and tracking for RMA Orders and Sales Order Returns.
  • Enable Manual Input of GS1 Barcodes on Automated Warehouse Management Forms for better inventory management.


Field Services

  • Simplify invoice reversal with the addition of the Reverse Service Invoice Command, enhancing billing processes.



  • Production managers can now customize automatic backward reporting of quantity, enhancing production order operations flexibility.
  • Enhanced inventory planning regeneration process considers stock components for assembling stock kits and non-stock kits in sales orders and forecasts.
  • Improve accuracy by excluding inactive warehouses or specific orders from Inventory Planning.



  • New support for data synchronization between Acumatica ERP and Amazon, enhancing eCommerce integration.
  • Import products from Shopify and BigCommerce stores into Acumatica ERP through the Commerce connector for seamless retail management.

Platform Enhancements

  • Enhanced IMAP and POP3 Protocol Handling with an email processing log for better email management.
  • Removal of the Not Set restriction level for increased system flexibility.

The Answer Company has recently reiterated its commitment to propelling customers forward by focusing our expertise on Acumatica going forward. This is supported by continued recognition as a Gold-certified Acumatica partner and a total of 5 MVP Awards for Programming since 2020.

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