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CFO Perspectives: How E-commerce CFOs Scale Financial Operations

As organizations face more scrutiny around financial performance, rapid growth, and increased complexity concerning business operations, leaders in the eCommerce sector are focused on ensuring efficiency in their finance departments – specifically when it comes to the CFO.

In 2020, eCommerce sales in the U.S. grew 34.2% year-over-year, compared to 14.6% the year prior, according to eMarketer, which is a good indication that retailers across the board are relying more heavily on their online revenue streams than ever before.

You’ll learn about scaling global payables, and how to build long-term success in your finance department, including strategies to:

  • Eliminate 80%+ of your manual payables workload
  • Manage complex tax requirements with a KPMG approved tax engine
  • Improve supplier/vendor relations with better onboarding and fast/accurate payments
  • Move away from fraud-prone payment methods to more secure e-payments

Moderator & Speakers

  • Jack McCullough, President, The CFO Leadership Council
  • Jonathan Wu, CEO, Invisible Commerce & former CFO/COO, Touch of Modern
  • George Lawton, CFO, The Answer Company &


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