Why Commerce Companies Rely on Acumatica ERP for Retail Success

Omnichannel Success starts with an Interconnected ERP for Retail

Many retailers manage their business operations through countless disconnected systems, failing to recognize that a disconnected system is adding a ceiling to their efficiency and profitability. Acumatica ERP for retail is a solution that tackles every part of your commerce business, from financials and reporting, to warehousing and shipping. Data synchronization across all your systems means that everyone, including customers, vendors, third-parties distributors and shipping companies, managers, and executives are always viewing the same single version of truth, regardless of if you are viewing an Acumatica dashboard or an integrated system. 

Download our whitepaper, Why Commerce Companies Rely on Acumatica for Their Success, to explore more reasons growing retailers choose Acumatica.


Data-Driven Decision-Making

Cloud-based Acumatica eliminates data silos by integrating your eCommerce platform with your financials, warehouse, and distribution, so that all data flows between your systems in real time. Not only can you click into individual orders to get up-to-minute information on item availability or order processing, you can also gain many insights from the comprehensive dashboards. Acumatica’s reporting system allows you to filter data by product line, sales channel, geographic region, customer type, and more, which can be majorly useful for immediate small actions and problem-solving, as well as high-level strategy-building. Additionally, you can put together many custom reports that produce KPIs on selected financial, operation, and organizational data.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

More flexibility and immediacy in digital service leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. Many of Acumatica’s functions and integrations bring added value to the customer online shopping experience. Its integrations with Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Amazon allow you to facilitate loyalty point programs, order tracking systems, customer self-serve portals, multiple shipping and payment options, installment payment systems, and much more. You can set many basic personalizations, such as different pricing, product recommendations, and marketing communications based on the customer type. Centralizing your eCommerce platform with all the other systems in your cloud-based ERP ensures accurate order delivery, faster order fulfillment, and up-to-minute tracking information.


Future-proofed & Scalable Platform

Being future-proofed in the commerce industry means having an ERP for retail that can not only securely exchange data across old and new systems, but also be retailored without lost fees, as your business grows. Acumatica releases quarterly updates to optimize functionality and adapt to new technologies as they emerge. Acumatica Marketplace is a sea of third-party integrations that can be mixed and matched to meet your unique business model. 

“We wanted a fully integrated ERP solution that could handle our e-commerce solution, Magento, a warehouse management system, and our financials, as well as being one that could handle a high degree of customization. It also needed to scale and be flexible to meet our needs as we kept growing.” — Thomas Finney, Director of IT, Shoebacca

To learn more about Acumatica for Commerce Businesses, read the whitepaper: Why Commerce Companies Rely on Acumatica for Their Success.