Reshaping the Construction Industry with Acumatica Software

The construction industry is experiencing a transformation to meet the needs of our digital era, and Acumatica Construction Edition software is at the forefront of this evolution. This modern ERP platform meets the dynamic needs of construction professionals, offering adaptability through Open APIs for seamless integration. With a flexible architecture allowing for easy customization, Acumatica incorporates advanced technologies like data visualization, AI, and ML. 

This blog will explore how Acumatica Construction Edition transcends traditional boundaries by ensuring that all construction processes share the same data. It also ensures that this information is accessible anytime, anywhere, aligning with the dynamic nature of construction projects extending beyond a traditional office’s confines. Let’s analyze how this modern ERP platform streamlines projects in the construction industry. Download the Construction Roles Solution Brief.

  • Construction Financials
    • Streamlined invoicing and payment processes through certified payroll, native AIA billing, and reporting.
    • Efficient management of tax requirements and retainage contributes to quicker financial transactions in construction businesses.
  • Change Management
    • Establishes change order workflows and monitors statuses.
    • Request for Information (RFI) workflows for structured change requests.
  • Compliance & Safety
    • Automation alerts for compliance and safety documents.
    • Minimizes project delays by centralizing documentation.
  • Daily Field Reports
    • Modern collaboration through Acumatica's mobile app.
    • Facilitates communication between the field and office.
    • Enables seamless data exchange and real-time updates.
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
    • Analytics for essential project profitability insights.
    • Empowers faster, informed decision-making in expense control.
  • Collaboration Tools & Self-Service Portals
    • Extends Acumatica features to vendors, subcontractors, and customers.
    • Fosters collaboration and provides secure online access for transparency.
  • Remote Time Management
    • Facilitates capture of employee time for payroll, HR, and expenses.
    • Enhances accuracy and efficiency in managing construction activities.
  • Role-Based Security
    • Acumatica is a cornerstone for controlling access tailored to department needs.
    • Role-specific dashboards for improved job performance and efficiency.
  • Wikis and Documentation
    • Empower businesses to create a knowledge base in the construction industry.
    • Enhances internal communication and knowledge sharing.
  • Acumatica University
    • Part of the Open University initiative.
    • Valuable resource hub with free educational materials.
    • Dedication to empowering users for successful software implementation.

Construction Executives

With the construction industry’s continuous changes, c-suite executives in construction firms rely on insights from business intelligence and analytics to enhance decision-making. They benefit from comprehensive visibility, enabling them to establish financial objectives, scrutinize budgets, manage capital asset plans, and predict forthcoming growth prospects precisely. Let’s examine the advantages that C-suite executives gain from Acumatica.

  • Financial stewards with immediate access to comprehensive data.
  • Acumatica’s analytics and personalized dashboards for agile decision-making.
  • The mobile app enables seamless financial monitoring from anywhere.
Chief Operating Officer
  • Oversees daily construction operations and collaborates with CFO and Controller.
  • Acumatica eliminates errors and manual tasks through automated workflows.
  • Analytics monitor teams on-site, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Construction leaders are leveraging Acumatica’s configurable sales workflows.
  • Holistic cloud platform for cost control and minimizing infrastructure expenses.
  • Unifies and secures company data through role-based access for a robust operational environment.

Streamlining Project Management with Acumatica

A well-coordinated team of professionals is essential for successful construction project execution. The construction industry’s key personnel, such as the foreman or project manager, project engineer, safety and compliance manager, and field services lead, play pivotal roles in ensuring operations at the job site run smoothly. Their primary responsibility is to uphold project timelines and financial parameters. Integrating Acumatica Construction Edition into the construction management process facilitates seamless real-time collaboration between the field and the office, fostering effective and efficient job site operations.

Role-based Dashboards for Project Managers
  • Acumatica’s role-based dashboards empower project managers to track projects meticulously.
  • Real-time monitoring of job costs, change orders, budgets, and contracts.
  • Mobile apps facilitate collaboration, enabling seamless submission of various project-related data.
  • Integration enhances communication and decision-making, ensuring informed responses to challenges.
Ensuring Project Success with Project Engineers
  • Project engineers collaborate with a centralized platform for contract details.
  • Ensures adherence to safety standards, schedule, and owner’s requirements.
  • Acumatica provides tools for those in the construction industry who need streamlined communication and a clear understanding of project parameters.
Field Services Management
  • Acumatica Construction Edition equips field services managers with critical account information.
  • Enables efficient communication with customers, updating schedules, and managing appointments.
  • Allows planning and tracking of service call inventory and equipment from any location, providing flexibility and control.
Safety and Compliance Measures
  • Acumatica addresses safety and compliance effectively with features like setting alarms for pending insurance certificates.
  • Manages lien waivers for transparency among project stakeholders.
  • Organization, tracking, and electronic transmission of payments and documents contribute to time and cost savings.
  • Implementation minimizes risks and enhances overall project transparency for construction teams.
At construction site

Enhancing Job Site Support with Acumatica

While construction project support teams typically operate from office settings, certain roles, including architects, equipment managers, estimating leads, and procurement managers, need periodic visits to job sites to assess progress. Acumatica Construction Edition introduces a connected system that transcends physical boundaries, providing real-time project data. Acumatica saves time and eliminates the need for frequent on-site visits, streamlining support operations. Below, we’ll explore how the construction industry’s support staff is enhanced.

  • Automated Equipment Management
    • Acumatica Construction Edition transforms equipment management with automated scheduling, dispatching, and maintenance processes.
    • Real-time inventory data access across multiple locations ensures efficient coordination.
    • Collaboration with safety and compliance teams facilitates managing maintenance schedules.
    • Connectivity ensures informed decisions and timely actions to optimize equipment operations.
  • Architects in the Digital Landscape
    • Acumatica's role-based dashboards empower architects to monitor project progress aligned with the original design.
    • Integration capabilities allow seamless incorporation of RFIs and changes, preventing unforeseen delays.
    • The digital approach ensures architects comprehensively view the project's evolution for informed decision-making.
  • Real-time Estimating with Acumatica
    • Acumatica Construction Edition provides real-time updates on material prices for accurate and comprehensive estimates.
    • Empower estimators to create winning proposals and stay informed about RFIs, drawing logs, and change orders.
    • Streamlines collaboration with purchasing and equipment managers through real-time price monitoring.
  • Efficient Purchasing and Procurement
    • Acumatica's reporting tools empower purchasing teams for seamless material purchase and delivery.
    • A clear project inventory view enables better decision-making.
    • Purchase order creation for direct vendor-to-job site dropshipping ensures a well-coordinated supply chain.
    • Digital procurement enhances transparency and efficiency in material management, contributing to overall project success.

Streamlining Back-Office Efficiency with Acumatica

From the company’s controller to project accounting, human resources, and service dispatchers, these professionals working in a traditional office setting provide extensive support for ongoing projects. Their effectiveness relies on a continuous flow of real-time data from the job site. Accounting teams leverage project updates for proactive accounts payable management, while human resources depend on access to staffing and compliance requirements. Let’s take a closer look at how Acumatica can elevate this department.

Strategic Finance Management
  • Acumatica’s robust financial features empower construction accountants for comprehensive data monitoring and budget analysis.
  • CFMA Benchmarker tool enhances financial analysis, comparing performance against construction industry peers and aligning strategies with benchmarks.
  • Empowering Service Dispatchers for Enhanced Customer Support
Comprehensive Service Dispatching
  • Acumatica empowers service dispatchers in back-office operations for a complete view of customer accounts.
  • Enables easy scheduling and dispatching of field service appointments for seamless coordination.
  • Built-in notifications and configurable approvals ensure efficient task management, fostering stronger customer relationships.
Collaborative Accounting Practices
  • Staff accountants collaborate with the CFO, Controller, and Project Accounting team using Acumatica’s robust financial features.
  • Certified payroll functionalities contribute to efficient financial management, ensuring alignment with project goals for overall project success.
Efficient Human Resource Management
  • Acumatica provides HR teams with tools for streamlined recruitment and employee management.
  • A centralized platform makes the recruitment process collaborative and user-friendly.
  • Enables effective management of employee skills assessments, certifications, and training requirements, contributing to a skilled and well-managed workforce.


In summary, the limitations imposed by legacy ERP solutions on businesses in the construction industry are becoming a thing of the past. Acumatica Construction Edition is a transformative solution that dismantles barriers arising from disconnected systems and manual processes. Business leaders now wield the ability to access real-time company data anywhere, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic construction operations management.

As the premier choice for the construction industry, Acumatica empowers companies to excel in the digital economy. With its native cloud platform, open architecture, rapid integrations, scalability, and user-friendly interface, Acumatica provides unmatched value to small and mid-market businesses. The result is a future of streamlined, efficient, and competitive construction operations.

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