Why Service-Driven Companies Thrive with Acumatica

The field service industry is not uncomplicated. As the industry expanded significantly alongside the manufacturing and construction industries, tools and systems were introduced to meet the different steps in field service operations: budget management, scheduling, route planning, inventory management, warranty tracking, and project collaboration and management. Now what would happen if all the components of field service management were integrated into one cloud-based and data-secure platform? Acumatica Cloud ERP takes operational efficiency and financial analysis to the next level. Acumatica Field Service Edition is favoured above other field service solutions for a multitude of reasons, but we’ll cover some of its most beneficial features for field service companies:

Best-In-Class Financials

With client billing, material purchases, and partner referrals, you need an accounting solution that can handle the complexities of field services. Acumatica’s platform includes specific functions to track and see trends for recurring revenue, fixed assets, payroll, advanced expense management, and bank feeds. Not only do Acumatica’s customizable dashboards deliver 100% financial transparency and insights in real-time, but data is also presented through visual aids on a comprehensive yet simple interface.

Cloud-Based Service Management Features

While combining many different field service management systems into one is okay, it adds a ceiling to your company’s productivity and profitability. Why not do everything from one holistic platform? Acumatica Field Service Edition includes appointment scheduling, contract drafting, service order management, warranty management, and equipment management, all within one solution.

Extended Applications 

Many businesses do more than just field services, and Acumatica Field Service Edition is extendable to its other systems, including purchasing, sales order management, POS, and eCommerce. It also offers route planning to help technicians get to customers on the quickest route, and project-based accounting for larger-scale projects.

Flexible Configuration

Field service businesses can grow rapidly through referrals and new partnerships, so it’s best to secure a business management solution that can grow with you. Acumatica’s open API architecture allows businesses to seamlessly integrate with countless traditional and newly introduced systems, including Shopify, Criterion HCM, Cropster, and many more, helping you avoid tremendous licensing fees and integration costs that may only lead to rigid one-time integrations that quickly become outdated. With Acumatica, small- and mid-size field service businesses can enjoy integrations with little to no coding required, so they can scale without major cost incurrence or business disruption. 

Comprehensive Mobile App

Field service teams are always travelling or at job sites, and lack of visibility into project work or customer info can cause many issues. The Acumatica Mobile App allows every team member to access systems they need right from their mobile device, including Acumatica’s dashboards, project management tool, collaboration and communication platform, accounting system, inventory system, and more. 

Automations and Alerts

Administrative work can not only drag down a field service company’s productivity and morale, but it can also hinder your customers’ experience when things are not done promptly. Field service companies enjoy that Acumatica Field Service Management has automated billing that can be based accurately on the different pricing structures which you can configure. Alerts for accounting, CRM, or other aspects of your business can be set up, so you can receive reminders to follow-up with a new prospect or renew an existing contract. 

“Prior to Acumatica we would spend a lot of time in multiple different systems in order to get to the end task. So now, Acumatica allows us to spend all of our time in Acumatica. It allows management to see what we’re doing at any given time.” Daniel Ruiz, Field Service Manager, OFS International

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