The Answer Company Unveils Noble Purpose to Propel Businesses Forward

VANCOUVER, BC, June 4, 2019 – After 25 years helping companies with technology and software solutions, Vancouver-based tech consulting firm, The Answer Company, is setting their sights on an even bolder future.

Founder and President Shawn Ostheimer says, “A lot of companies in our space just want to sell you stuff. They’re focused on making a dollar today. We take a longer view. We’re interested in helping our customers be more competitive and efficient for tomorrow’s world.”

Ostheimer, like most company Presidents, has a keen eye for the bottom line. He also knows the value of getting his team emotionally engaged. He says, “Leaders try to rally their team to hit financial targets. Money matters, but it’s not enough. Employees need something to believe in. They want to know their work matters. We’ve always been a customer-driven, people first firm. That’s our competitive advantage. We decided to put a stake in the ground and proclaim it, so everyone on our team, as well as our customers, know why we’re here.”

The Answer Company brought their organization of 92 people from 5 cities across Canada to Vancouver recently to launch their new Noble Purpose.

Ostheimer says, “When I stood in front of our team and said, ‘From this day forward, our Noble Purpose is: We propel companies forward.’ I could feel our people lean in and get excited. It’s more than a tagline, it’s our North Star, it’s the organizing principle of our company. It propels our innovation, and helps us forge stronger connections with our customers.”

Ostheimer decided to adopt the Noble Purpose strategy after hearing business expert Lisa Earle McLeod speak at a Sage Partner Summit.

McLeod, the author of the bestselling book, Selling with Noble Purpose, has documented why organizations with a Noble Purpose bigger than money achieve greater competitive differentiation, improved employee engagement, better customer retention, and ultimately improved financial performance.

Ostheimer says, “The Noble Purpose research proved what I always knew deep down to be true. People want to make a difference at work, customers want to know you care about their future.” Ostheimer hired McLeod to work with his Executive team, creating and launching their Noble Purpose.

McLeod, an Atlanta based consultant and business author, has worked with several fast growth Candian firms, including Hootsuite, Servus Credit Union, Vidyard and G Adventures.

After their internal launch, The Answer Company launched their Noble Purpose with customers, hosting a major event featuring McLeod as a keynote speaker.

McLeod says, “The Answer Company has a 25-year track record of helping customers be successful. It drove them to their current position as the top Sage Partner in Western Canada, a Sage President’s Circle winner many times over, and one of BC’s Fastest Growing Technology Companies in 2018. Our challenge was to take the intrinsic customer focus that started with Shawn and to make that explicit and scale it. Claiming your Noble Purpose gives your team something to believe in and creates organizational alignment. Noble Purpose organizations outperform their competition by over 350%. It gives you a competitive edge in the market. It helps you attract and retain the best customers, and the best talent.”

Ostheimer says, “Our Noble Purpose begins as words, now we’re translating it into actions. We make clients the center of our meetings, our project reviews, and the way coach our team.”


About The Answer Company

Since 1995, The Answer Company has been helping organizations answer questions about investments in technology and information systems. As a Sage and Acumatica ERP partner, the entire team offers thought leadership & expertise on a large portfolio of solutions that caters to almost every industry.

From offices across Canada, the team provides specialized solutions & services, first executing an in-depth business analysis, followed by developing a tailored software solution and ensuring its effective implementation, continuing into long-term support. The Answer Company’s goal is to make companies more successful at what they do and gain the confidence to make profitable moves in their respective industries.