Sage X3 is a cost-effective, end-to-end ERP that brings together all of the organization’s operations under one enterprise management solution and database. It is easily accessed online through on-premise or cloud hosting and offers all the multi’s – multi-currency, multi-country, multi-language, and multi-location. Designed specifically for mid-sized companies, X3 delivers all the benefits of robust ERP solutions while remaining simple, flexible, and scalable.
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Advantages of using Sage X3

Expedite Business Processes

Sage X3 incorporates business processes into one unifying software design, including manufacturing, inventory, sales, customer service and financial management. This powerful enterprise management solution supports an organization’s unique needs with a design that’s intuitive and easy to manage. Users will gain real-time analytics from a general overview right down to the details for greater insights into operational performance.

Share Information

Enable collaboration and streamline work-flow by connecting customers, vendors, partners and employees to a common data source. The user-friendly design of the solution synchronizes data in Microsoft office and builds on programs you already use and optimizes features to get the most out of your software.

Industry Specific

Numerous industries can find functionality that’s already built specifically for their specific needs with Sage X3 and its complementary solutions. This solution works with applications and programs from Sage and other certified partners giving you more specialized options for business intelligence, inventory, human resources and more.

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Tracks Financial Activities

Sage X3 enables businesses to connect and track all enterprise financial activities to ensure confident business decisions based on accurate and comprehensive financial information.

Powerful Functionality

With X3, businesses gain an advanced tool that includes Accounts Payable/Receivable, Bank Management, General Ledger, Cost Accounting and Dimensions. Functionality that accommodates budgeting, Fixed Assets, including depreciation schedules as well as Advanced Reporting.

Managing Financial Processes

Sage X3 manages and tracks financial processes, including quotes to cash, collections and closes while providing visibility, transparency and accountability through proactive management of risk parameters and compliance requirements.

Encompassing the Entire Process

Sage X3 encompasses the entire supply chain process for all business operations and provides access to the latest information about businesses partners and products. Sage X3 purchasing application allows users to leverage the embedded analytical tools to monitor all exchanges with suppliers to ensure quality assurance, compliance with delivery dates, and purchase costs.

Advanced Options

The enterprise management software enables businesses to deliver short-to-long cycle process among: RFQs and responses, contract and blanket orders, PO, receiving/returns and invoicing. Intuitively handles purchasing requests, supplier rating and classifications, statistics and comes integrated with budget control tools. Free pricing criteria and rules. Open item management and tracking, including dispute procedures and level and payment approval.

Delivering Business Control

For mid-sized companies, Sage X3 delivers control and vision into company-wide sales activities. It allows management of sales force assignments and monitoring of sales targets.

Consolidating Sales Activities

Encompassing all sales activities, Sage X3 allows for short-to-long cycle sales process among: quotes, contracts, blanket orders, orders, inventory allocation, delivery scheduling, shipping, returns and invoicing. It offers capability for credit checking and customer rating as well as sales commissions calculation. Use it for Open Item management and follow-up: Aging, risk analysis and statistics, customer hold/release management.

Manage Customer Relations

The CRM functionality in Sage X3 helps businesses capitalize on customer loyalty and retention, increase sales, and have visibility into the real-time updated status of customer relationships.

Optimize Customer Service

With the CRM functionality in Sage X3, businesses enjoy features such as customer campaign management, including marketing campaign planning and management. Use this powerful tool to optimize customer and call center support, and dial-in marketing sales and after-sales workbench.

Robust Marketing Solutions

The CRM functionality in Sage X3 includes functionality for organization and management of comprehensive marketing campaigns, telemarketing and direct mail activities, as well as setup of trade shows, press materials and events.

Full Functionality

Sage X3 offers full end-to-end functionality for inventory and warehouse management, equipping businesses with real-time monitoring and tracking of inventory and warehouse assets.

Broad Range of Features

Users of Sage X3 benefit from location management that is dedicated, suggested, or random storage for single or multiple items location. Manage stocks by physical location, lot and sub-lot, quality status, serial numbers, expiration dates and potency. You’ll be able to access consigned inventory and third-party inventory as well as Inventory replenishment with or without MRP. Trace forward, backward and Intracompany movements.


Sage X3 inventory and warehouse management applications are designed to operate in multiple sites, multi-warehouse, and multi-location management environments.

Full Manufacturing Support

Sage X3 offers users full support for planning, scheduling, and production control activities. With built-in functionality for different manufacturing modes, Sage X3 equips users with manufacturing capabilities such as multiple manufacturing modes – ATO, MTO, CTO, MTS process and mixed mode. It is also a powerful technical data configurator that excels at Replenishment and planning rules and manages workplan and manufacturing analysis, including cost accounting.

Product Consistency

Sage X3 Manufacturing Management suite is designed to deliver manufacturers with the tools necessary to attain product and process consistency, while scalable to match customer demand.

With real-time analytics, your entire team will be equipped with the information they need to make quicker, smarter enterprise decisions. Alerts and notifications assist in quickly responding to the fast-paced needs of your business. The dashboards are user-defined and inquiries are configurable on any data table.

Fully Integrated

Sage X3 expands businesses’ eCommerce strategy to the next level. Fully integrated into the business-wide suite, Sage X3 eCommerce works together with Sage X3 CRM and Sales Management.

Reach Customers Online

Businesses can enjoy an increase in sales by reaching new clients online and also enjoy cost reduction of sales by streamlining sales processes. Sage X3 can help you provide better service to your customers and increase loyalty by encouraging profitable buying behaviour, and monitoring and tracking online activities.

Functionally Rich

Sage X3 eCommerce function is equipped with additional features for customer management, product management, inventory and shipping.


Sage X3 is multi-location software that incorporates all distribution processes, including warehouse management systems, designed for businesses with complex distribution strategies and requirements.

Advanced Industry Functionality

Sage X3 includes industry-specific functionality such as pricing, promotion, and contract management. A robust solution for advanced order fulfillment and inventory allocation, it goes one step further to complete shipping and routing solutions.

Full Integration

Sage X3 distribution application integrates fully with sales, inventory, purchasing, CRM, and accounting functions for full control and tracking of business-wide activities.

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