Decision-makers in nonprofit organizations truly have a deck stacked against them: they must manage numerous funds and grants, as well as individual donations, to operate, all of that revenue must be recorded and reported on, compliance reports need to be created, thin staffing or volunteer workforces are under great pressure to get more done with less, and on top of all that, they must carry out their most important job: helping their communities. Using a nonprofit ERP software that is configured specifically to address even the most complex operational challenges eases the pressure by automating processes and giving deep, insightful real-time reports at the touch of a button and simplifying nonprofit accounting processes.

How an ERP Solves Nonprofit Pain Points


  • Compliance and Security

    Tracking various provincial and federal rules your nonprofit organization has to keep up with is a complex process. It is extremely common for regulations to change quickly and even more difficult for your organization to comply to nonprofit accounting regulations when processes are done manually. Investing in an integrated nonprofit ERP software will help you out of this nightmare. Along with compliance, an ERP can also improve security with features like built-in firewalls.

  • Fund Management: Grants, Fundraising and Budgets

    Nonprofit organizations depend on grant management and fiscal responsibilities. Nonprofit success is pegged to financial transparency, grant management and the ability to have multiple funds managed. It can be hard to justify the cost of different expenditures especially when nonprofits need to keep their budgets as low as possible. With the need to demonstrate to stakeholders and donors exactly where their money is going, nonprofit accounting can be complex. An integrated ERP for nonprofit helps you efficiently and seamlessly provide budget transparency and reduce costs of overseeing grants and account management.

  • Need for Better Flexibility and Mobility

    In this digital age, remote working is becoming more and more essential. Additionally, there is no way to predict if an emergency could take an employee away from the office when a deadline is looming. This challenges nonprofit organizations to be more flexible. A nonprofit ERP system can make it easier for workers to get the information they need while they’re on the go, and if integrated properly can allow anyone from any department to work remotely.

  • Human Resources

    For any Human Resource department, hiring and onboarding employees can be a complex and daunting process. For nonprofits with limited HR departments and budget, being in charge of onboarding, keeping track of employee PTO and schedules, benefits, and payroll can be extremely difficult. Having an ERP in place can help with all the processes allowing your HR department to interact more with humans and less time buried in processes.

  • Project and Event Management

    Hosting events is a great way for nonprofits to fundraise; however, managing time and resources when planning these events is not easy. Marketing functions and project and events management will often fall to a small department or in some organizations, only one person. A nonprofit ERP solution can help an organization keep track of the event fund - how much was made versus how much was spent, how many hours it took to run the event and more!

Benefits of a Nonprofit ERP Solution

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  • Nonprofit Financial Boardbook

    Having a comprehensive view of your finances is critical for future planning and determining the resources your organization needs. ERP for nonprofit organizations can offer financial boardbooks that are designed specifically for non-profits with pre-built dashboards that empower you to do things like examine revenue trends, monitor expenses or program results and track sustainability metrics.

  • Fast ROI

    As a nonprofit you probably don't have a lot of money to spare, so when investing in any type of software you need to know that it isn't going to leave a burning hole in your pocket. You can achieve 250% ROI with a payback period of less than 6 months if you select the appropriate ERP system for your business.

  • Advanced Revenue Management

    Donations play a significant role in sustaining nonprofits, but how do you recognize that revenue? It likely comes in periodically along with other grants and income streams. ERP solutions designed for nonprofit take the chaos out of revenue management by creating separate closes for each revenue source and giving you the ability to create specific reports that can be provided to each funder.

  • Centralized Controls

    Organization is the oil that keeps nonprofits running smoothly and having to manage different areas of the organization with multiple solutions can pose a major roadblock. A nonprofit ERP solution will centralize everything from how responsibilities are distributed to the management of cash flow and budget allocation in one solution so your team can focus on goals without being bogged down with administrative tasks.

  • Funds and Grants

    Funds and Grants are just as challenging to get as they are helpful so having easy access to the information you need to apply for them can have a huge impact on how successful you are with receiving them. An integrated ERP for nonprofit organizations system allows you to take a deep dive into your data, slicing and dicing it however you need within a matter of minutes so you can create reports tailored to the requirements of the funds and grants you're applying for.

  • Advanced Functionality without Expensive Maintenance

    Nonprofit organizations may not have access to the funds that for-profit organizations do, but that doesn't mean that your solution requirements are any less complex. Cloud solution ERPs can empower you to leverage the same solution functionality that major corporations use without the large upfront costs associated with many on-premise solutions, or the need to have in-house IT experts to support the system.

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