Provide your finance department with the tools they need for better control of billing, accounting and reporting. Sage Intacct makes financial management faster and easier by automating workflows that result in more reliable data. Rich financial features make sure that you’re prepared for anything – whether it’s an audit or a sudden growth spurt.
More and more organizations are switching to Sage Intacct for its customizability, usability, and advanced functionalities and integrations. Discover what real-life end-user professionals across various industries are saying about the solution in these Sage Intacct reviews.

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Advantages of using Sage Intacct

Core Financials

Sage Intacct offers all of the tools you require to manage your core financials in one integrated solution. Reduce or completely eliminate your reliance on spreadsheets, automate your processes, and maximize your visibility of data so you’re always equipped with accurate information to make educated business decisions.

Advanced Functionality

As you grow, expand your solution with you. Sage Intacct includes built-in modules that can be activated to advance your solution’s capabilities. Modules such as multi-entity management, global consolidations and inventory management allow you to enhance functionality as your business needs change, so you can tackle even the most complex challenges.

Seamless Integration

Sage Intacct is a cloud solution designed to grow with your organization. Built to be flexible, it can integrate with the solutions you already have in place, the wide range of complimentary solutions available in Sage Business Cloud, as well as many other industry-specific or unique solutions you may want to add along the way.

Accounts Payable
Save thousands of hours annually by automating manual AP processes and streamlining inefficient workflows. With a few simples clicks you can configure the approvals process, workflows and internal controls based on your personal preferences and company requirements. This will allow your team to focus their time on higher-value activities and at the same time, will strengthen the reliability of your data.

Accounts Receivable
With features such as automatic processes, email invoices and multiple payment options for customers, Sage Intacct makes your AR team more efficient and helps you get paid faster. Sage Intacct can also connect with your CRM solution so you not only have a single view for quotes, sales orders and invoices, but automatically post your order transactions to both your general ledger and AR ledger – streamlining billing & accounting. Additionally, you can automate dunning and collection notices to make collections painless.

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Streamline Procurement and Payments
Ensure your purchasing team is ordering the material that you need, when you need it and in the correct quantities. Sage Intacct’s purchase order software allows you to automate and streamline purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and sign-offs. It also connects with accounts payable, cash management and inventory so you don’t have to enter the same data multiple times. Customizable, role-based dashboards in Sage Intacct give your purchasing team all the real-time information they need to make immediate decisions.

Maintain Consistency
With Sage Intacct accounting software you can leverage best practice templates to ensure your processes, such as requisitions, quotes and returns, are optimally designed and followed by everyone in your organization. This gives you better control over workflows and helps maintain consistency in your processes.

Minimize Manual Processes
If you’re working with systems that aren’t integrated, order management can become a time-consuming process with a lot of chances for error – whether it’s manually entering orders into multiple systems or having to manually track and move the order through your system. With Sage Intacct, the only manual process is entering the order into your one system when it’s first received. The order information then automatically flows to the appropriate departments according to the workflow you’ve set up, such as to fulfillment and billing.

Get Sales and Finance on the Same Page
Integrating Sage Intacct accounting software with CRM enables you to track information about your customers and customer interactions in one place that’s accessible for both your sales and finance teams. This gives your teams valuable insight and ensures they’re on the same page with the same information – improving workflows and customer satisfaction. Sage Intacct can easily integrate with Sage CRM on the Sage Business Cloud, as well as Salesforce CRM – making it simple and easy to maximize the benefits.

Visibility of all Transactions
Sage Intacct accounting software gives you access to all of your transactions from credit cards, chequing and savings accounts in one place so you have a complete and real-time picture of your cash flow without needing to access multiple systems.

Automated Reconciliations
Import statements from all of your financial institutions and automatically reconcile your chequing, savings and credit card accounts. Using spreadsheets for reconciliations lead to unnecessary complexity and higher chance for errors. Automated reconciliations in Sage Intacct make it quick and easy to spot unusual charges, manage bank errors, catch fraudulent charges and maintain accurate cash balances.

Save Time
Streamlining processes and tasks surrounding payment processing save staff hours, enabling your employees to use their time more efficiently.

Download the Wealth Asset Management Infographic:

Improve Reporting
When you’re relying on spreadsheets for reports, you have limited visibility into valuable business insights and reporting is time-consuming. Sage Intacct helps you deep dive into your data and gain high-value insight with virtually no effort. There are 150 built-in reports included that lay out the most important dimensions, enabling you to quickly access and create reports without a large time investment. You also have the flexibility to edit built-in reports or create new reports altogether, unique to your business and industry.

Financial and Operational Data
Sage Intacct accounting software tracks & reports both financial and operational data, such as SaaS metrics or other measures important to your business. This saves you a significant amount of effort in creating reports and gives you better insight into your data as a whole, so you can create comprehensive reports with better insight into your business.

Compare Budgets to Actual Spend
One of the many features available in Sage Intacct reporting is the ability to include budgets in financial reports so you can get a realistic idea of performance and gain insight into adjustments that can be made to goals & expectations.

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Insightful Dashboards
Sage Intacct’s intuitive dashboards give you a detailed overview of your operational and financial performance so you can make quick decisions based on real-time information. With access to key metrics from almost any perspective, such as business driver, product and geography, you can also choose how your data is displayed, whether it’s performance cards, reports, charts, or graphs, to easily spot trends, compare benchmarks, drill down into source data and more.

Digital Board Book for SaaS Metrics
SaaS companies have more challenges when it comes to data because they’re required to pull data from different locations, aggregate it, and perform calculations within spreadsheets to finalize reporting. Sage Intacct offers a solution: Digital Board Book. This is a dashboard that aggregates all of the critical metrics for your board reports including Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue (CMRR), Annual or Monthly Recurring Revenue (ARR or MRR), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Churn, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

Download Sage Intacct’s Reporting and Dashboards Product Brochure:

Communicate within Sage Intacct accounting software
It’s easy to miss information and context when you’re going back and forth via email. Unclear processes, missing information or uncommon issues are just a few examples or factors that can slow down financial processes. Sage Intacct offers secure and embedded communication tools that help your team work collaboratively to quickly resolve issues. Have conversations and leave notes right inside the solution which provides a record of the relevant information where your team needs it so they can work faster and more efficiently. Notes and comments can be left in areas including journal entries, accounts, projects, invoices and more.

More than just a Messaging Tool
Access preserved notes and save dashboard snapshots to highlight issues and ensure that the same mistakes are never made twice. Other useful features include the ability to attach documents in conversations, turn on individual or group notifications to alert employees about action items and create collaboration groups to facilitate communication among teams and maximize efficiency.

In addition to the robust core features offered by Sage Intacct, there are a number of built-in modules that can be added to expand your solution so it meets all of your business needs. These advanced financial capabilities become particularly useful as you scale and grow, and your financial needs become more complex.

Additional Modules:
Contract and Subscription Billing
Contract Revenue Management
Fixed Assets
Inventory Management
Multi-Entity and Global Consolidations
Project Accounting
Sales and Use Tax
Time and Expense Management
Vendor Payment Services

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Sage Intacct Guarantee – Buy with ConfidenceSM

Gain peace of mind knowing your financial application is consistently secure, reliable, and available. The Sage Intacct Buy with Confidence guarantee outlines the level of service you can expect from us. You’ll find our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is detailed, airtight, and one of the strongest in the industry.

99.8% guaranteed uptime

Our goal is to ensure Sage Intacct is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and we guarantee 99.8% system uptime. With our AvailabilityPlusSM subscription, you get a credit of 10% for each percentage point below the availability target, up to 50% of that month’s subscription fees.

Disaster recovery

The data center running Sage Intacct accounting software is backed up by a complete disaster recovery program with Quality Technology Services (QTS), the global leader in disaster recovery services. In the unlikely case of a disaster, your applications will be available within 24 hours, and no more than four hours of data will be lost.

Data ownership

As a Sage Intacct customer, you own your own data, and you may download this data at any time during your subscription. If you ever decide to leave Sage Intacct, we can assist you to get your data out of our systems. You can also archive your data on Sage Intacct’s systems for as long as you like, for a nominal fee.

Professional services quality

We strive for 100% satisfaction with our professional services. You can receive a 10% credit if we fail to meet the budget and timeline of our statement of work with you.

For a complete statement of the Guarantee, please review it here.

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