First Nations communities must manage a wide variety of services for band members. Those managing the bands must track members, payments, municipality facilities, government reporting and payroll. By adopting an ERP that is made with First Nations in mind, you can leverage automation and gain visibility in all of the comings and goings. This means that your staff will have more time to engage within the community.

How ERP Solves First Nations Pain Points


  • Financial Reporting

    One of the requirements for Government Funding is detailed financial records and reporting. The majority of First Nations bands have a combination of different locations and multiple service types like health, family & child or housing services, and getting the proper records from multiple segments can be a challenge. A modern ERP solution has financial reporting features that make financial management faster, easier and more accurate for First Nations. Have the ability to track and manage different service enterprises, locations or even companies.

  • Information Tracking

    First Nations face the challenge of tracking a diverse range of information that is accessible across various locations and service segments. Most information is stored in several different systems, that is managed by multiple people, making information tracking both time consuming and prone to errors. An ERP software can allow for First Nations to track data in one integrated database that is accessible for all users. All the tracked information can be used to provide detailed reporting and submitted to the government as proof of eligibility for funding.

  • Complexities of Payroll

    More often than not, the individuals handling First Nation’s payroll aren’t full-time accountants. This means that they likely don’t have the time or resources to dedicate countless hours trying to learn a complex system. Modern ERP solutions have simple Payroll functionalities that are easy to use and learn so First Nations can transition into the new ERP painlessly.

  • Growing Communities

    As your band grows, day-to-day tasks pile up and become more and more difficult. Creating and maintaining voter lists and the status of community members who have disabilities and require unique care plans can also become a challenge. With a First Nations ERP solution, gain access to modules such as General Ledger that can help you with tracking various members of your community and assist you with your day-to-day challenges and improve your community management.

  • Asset Tracking

    Keeping track of your assets is a challenge for everyone; and when concerns of fire, safety, overcrowding and residency are in play, it makes it that much more important. With a modern First Nations ERP software, you will be able to track data regarding your assets and ensure that your community is safe and always in compliance.

The Benefits of ERP for First Nations

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  • Flexible and In-Depth

    A modern First Nations ERP solution can be customized for your unique situation. With government reporting requests and the well-being of many band members to account for, you need a sophisticated and customized solution to develop your community and help reach its highest potential. An ERP software can assist with everything from case and community management to housing inspection and family services.

  • Community Member Management

    Gain the ability to track the various members of your community, analyze their relevant data and create detailed reports to plan for their future needs! Specifically, you can analyze health issues and create preventative measures, anticipate infrastructural needs given your community's growth rate and evaluate the skills of your band members to maximize efficiency and job placement. With First Nations ERP software, get the assistance you need to better your community management.

  • Multi-Departmental Accounting & Accounts Payable Distribution

    ERP Accounts Payable modules will allow you to observe all payments made to your band members and third-parties such as electric bills, property rental, etc., and you can pay with your method of choice right through the software. Additionally, a modern ERP solution will make sure that all the necessary reporting that various funding and government agencies require are completed on time. More importantly, gain the ability to help your band members identify the issues that are preventing them from achieving their employment and lifestyle goals with a new ERP solution.

  • Asset Tracking

    Be able to track all financial and physical data regarding your assets (e.g. houses, communal buildings, vehicles etc.) and create detailed reports and get insights about your property. With this information, you will be able to address challenges concerning safety, overcrowding, residence occupation, and maintenance. Additionally, specific modules can help you stay up-to-date with building codes and other government regulations to ensure your community’s compliance.

  • Comprehensive Services Management

    First Nations ERP solutions can support management of services, such as social or child-and-family in nature. Track information on band members and administration or services or payments and provide a superior level of services to your band members and ensure visibility on all service levels.

  • Save Time and Money

    Many First Nations have different types of business as part of their mandates. By using a First Nations ERP solution across these businesses, whether they are in construction, distribution/manufacturing or administration, modern ERP software allows for common reporting, cross-training and resource-sharing that will help efficiency and save money. Benefit from both efficiency and cost savings by using a single platform for many of your business needs.

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