Building an All-Star Tech Stack: Best-of-Breed vs. Suite Solutions

On September 9th, 2021, CPA Canada launched The ONE Conference and EXPO, where accounting professionals were able to learn how to adapt, create value, and succeed in today’s new digitally-oriented reality. This four-day, online event featured cutting edge content focused on key business topics for today and the future, including leadership, purpose-driven work, data integration, tech solutions, and more. 

The Answer Company had the privilege of being able to speak at this event where our President and Founder, Shawn Ostheimer, discussed two distinct approaches when building a tech stack: best-of-breed versus full suite ERP solutions.   

What is a best-of-breed versus a suite approach? There are a plethora of options when it comes to business management and accounting software. Businesses can choose between custom solutions specifically tailored to their exact needs or go with an all-in-one approach where all functionalities are included. Each ERP approach comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and it is up to business leaders to choose what approach suits their organization best. 

In his keynote session, Shawn dives deeper into the differences between the two approaches and how to build an all-star tech stack that aligns with your organization’s needs and growth goals. The session also covers:

  • The benefits of best-of-breed versus full suite solutions 
  • How to build an all-star tech stack and maximize the value and insights from your systems
  • Our approach and how The Answer Company achieved a 218% ROI within six months after implementing Sage Intacct 

Watch the on-demand session