SAGE CRM Software: Productive customer relationship management

Productivity is defined as the quality of being productive, that is doing or achieving a lot, working hard and getting good results.

In the USA, as in other developed countries, productivity is tracked and is used as an important measure of how well the economy is performing. During a recent visit to a USD 22 million a year manufacturer and international distributor, this approach to business productivity came in handy.


I met with the Chief Operating Officer of this manufacturing and distribution company, and I completed a Sage Business Health Check. During this process, the COO discussed the company’s customer service operation. She explained she wasn’t sure if the company’s customer service teams logged all customer cases. She also explained she relied on a daily Excel report, which detailed the activity of customer service representatives

Considering the features and benefits of Sage CRM software, I was surprised by two things:

  1. The COO was unsure about her data.
  2. The COO relied on Excel reports for real-time information.
Enhanced productivity

Sage CRM explains in its brochure entitled Enhancing Productivity Enabling Success that using CRM:

  1. Increases productivity of customer service representatives.
  2. Delivers a single view of relevant and comprehensive information on an interactive dashboard.
  3. Enables customer issues to be tracked and responded to, regardless of who answers the phone or receives the email.

Armed with this knowledge, I showed the COO that Sage CRM software enables an organisation to integrate all incoming traffic, including phone, email and web inquiries, directly into a company’s CRM software tool.


Following our research, we fortified the company’s current platform (Sage CRM 7.1) by adding Enbu’s CTI Framework. This allowed a seamless integration of incoming phone traffic.
In addition, we integrated the company’s web forms and selected emails with Sage CRM Software.


There were a number of immediate productivity benefits for this manufacturing and distribution company.

Today, the COO and her team can also identify existing customers as they call, and her team can automatically open cases via relevant web forms and emails.

The COO can track cases in real time on a dashboard. This means she doesn’t have to depend on Excel reports, thus increasing her confidence in the company’s processes and in its data.

The company now has a complete real-time view of customer service operations and sales.

By increasing the productivity of this company and its COO, we are doing our part to spur the economy.

About Alon

Alon Doron is in the business of providing front office – customer service, sales, business development and, marketing – technology based consulting services, and he loves to grow databases and companies.He is also Vice-President of Marketing and CRM at Timac Solutions.