The Challenge: High-Powered Software at an Off-the-Shelf Price

In spite of these challenges, KINeSYS is among Canada’s top 10 producers in its industry, and has developed a unique business model utilizing a flat structure that makes extensive use of contractors and external service providers under the direction of internal project managers. “As a manufacturer and distributor, our requirements were not ‘cookie cutter’,” said Rob Takeuchi, Project Manager for KINeSYS, who led the company’s efforts to find a new accounting system. “As a result, we could not find a suitable solution on our own. The KINeSYS business model demanded a powerful and fully scalable package that could be launched and learned in a matter of weeks, not months.” The off-the-shelf accounting software typically employed by other small businesses could not provide adequate inventory control or flexibility.

As well, the company has two offices requiring access to the same real-time information, one in British Columbia and one in California. With a wide range of international activities and a multi-site structure, KINeSYS had more complex requirements than most other firms of a similar size. “We needed a high-powered accounting package with a small business price tag,” said Takeuchi.

The Solution: Deploying Sage 100 With The Answer Company

KINeSYS turned to The Answer Company, which has over 12 years of experience deploying IT systems, including accounting software, for companies large and small across North America. They recommended Sage Software’s Sage 100 accounting system and FRX financial reporter, deployed in a hosted environment. “Our close partnership with KINeSYS was key to the success of the project,” said Jenny Steele, Lead Consultant for The Answer Company. “Their willingness to dig in and work through complex manufacturing and distribution procedures ensured that the project stayed on time and on budget.”

Steele and other Answer Company consultants helped focus KINeSYS’ operations staff on the nature of the company’s accounting needs. Early in the process they decided to choose software based on how the company does business rather than the number of employees. It became obvious that Sage 100 met those requirements. The Inventory module in particular allows KINeSYS to fully track parts, raw materials, and finished goods across multiple warehouses and to assign lot numbers critical to compliance tracking.

The Benefits: Better Financial Control and More Flexibility

The Answer Company worked closely with KINeSYS to deploy the Sage 100 accounting and FRX reporting systems, then configure them to meet the company’s specific requirements, as well as to train staff in the new environment. “By using an ASP solution, we were able to help KINeSYS benefit from the Sage 100 implementation very quickly and cost-effectively,” said Shawn Ostheimer, President of The Answer Company. “Choosing a hosted solution meant the software was installed and ready to use on day one, without the need to invest in additional infrastructure. We can now also easily support their multiple locations.” Since moving to Sage 100, KINeSYS has dramatically improved its inventory control, reporting, and financial analysis. The Answer Company also provides full support for the system, and KINeSYS has already seen improved business control, greater flexibility, and better data accuracy.