The Challenge: Accurate Information, Customer Service and Accounting

“Any new software had to communicate with existing custom systems without costly reprogramming,” said Robert Martin, IT manager of OEM. “We needed a strong partner to put the new IT systems in place and help us keep everything running smoothly afterward.” OEM’s existing workflow relied heavily on a cumbersome paper trail, supplemented by various custom applications, some of which were critical to operations. In addition to wanting to alleviate the constant re-keying of data, the company needed a flexible software solution that would allow customization for their business and provide their CSR’s with up to date customer information.

The Solution: A great partnership in Services and Software

OEM contacted Sage Software who recommended The Answer Company, a primary VAR of Sage Software in Western Canada with 12 + years of experience, to help understand OEM’s integration needs and configure Sage 500 ERP to efficiently handle the company’s complex manufacturing process and reporting requirements. OEM also required a CRM solution that would improve their communication with their salespeople and service to their customers. Evaluating two alternatives, the answer was in two Sage solutions combined: Sage 500 ERP enterprise resource planning (ERP), Sage’s most powerful business management system, and the highly flexible SalesLogix CRM platform. The Answer Company had developed an open source bi-directional synchronization module which would allow Sage 500 ERP and SalesLogix to communicate seamlessly with one another.

Migration to the new system was very straightforward. First, key manufacturing and financial data was transferred from the older system into Sage 500 ERP. Secondly, various OEM customized applications were integrated into Sage 500 ERP’s manufacturing and distribution applications. Thirdly, customer and prospect data was imported into SalesLogix from Act Contact Management and finally this information was synchronized with Sage 500 ERP. Now all aspects of the business, from the back office to customer touch points, access the same, up-to-date information.

The Benefits: Customer Satisfaction – It’s Better Than Ever

Together the new system offers the best of both: Sage 500 ER provides master customer file information, and SalesLogix manages the sales process, and automatically transfers info to Sage 500 ERP when prospects become customers. Inventory and product information are automatically shared between Sage 500 ERP and SalesLogix, with changes being synchronized on a daily basis. “The key is, it works, and it does what OEM needs it to do,” said Ian Merkel Project Manager for The Answer Company, who recently reviewed the system with Robert Martin at OEM’s brand new state of the art facility in Edmonton. “Sage 500 ERP and SalesLogix provide the primary database for OEM’s customized applications. Salespeople and customer service reps have the information they need and accounting staff now have timely, accurate financial reporting “ Said Robert Martin