Selecting a Robust, Modern ERP Solution

Dave Bisskey, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project Manager for The Bodtker Group recalls that the company implemented Sage X3 in 2013, to replace its old ERP system, which was proving inadequate for the growing company. Data management problems, due to the volume of data being stored were common. Reports and queries were taking too much time to run, and staff was not able to produce consolidated financials from the software. It was time for a new, modern, scalable ERP solution and The Bodtker Group of Companies picked Sage X3.

Great Western Containers and Nemco Resources were the first two divisions within The Bodtker Group to implement Sage X3 following an extensive search for the right ERP solution. Kong Ho, the company’s IT Manager, recalls that they started by reviewing more than a dozen systems, and then narrowed that list to four: Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAP OneWorld, NetSuite and Sage X3. Ultimately, the company selected Sage X3 for its clean, intuitive user interface and the personalized dashboard feature.

A Partnership for the Long Term

As important to The Bodtker Group as choosing the right software solution was choosing the right business partner. According to Bisskey, the company felt immediately comfortable with The Answer Company. They were seeking a partner for the long term and The Answer Company has proven to be that kind of partner.

Supporting Mixed Mode Manufacturing

Companies within The Bodtker Group blend both discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing, and some provide service work as well. It is difficult to find a single software application capable of handling this blend of manufacturing styles, but Sage X3 excels in this arena. According to Ho, the system is fast and capable and delivers access to very detailed cost information about the company’s products, including tools to track the cost breakdown and price history of its manufactured items.

Efficient Global Operations

With customers throughout North America, the robust multi-currency, multi-location and multi-company functionality within Sage X3 helps The Bodtker Group compete and succeed in a global marketplace. The company has seen significant growth in recent years, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. With the old software, it was not possible to efficiently generate consolidated financial statements spanning the various corporate entities that comprise The Bodtker Group. Sage X3 removes such barriers by providing accurate, real-time financial data concerning each division.

Partner Helps Maximize Return on Investment

The Answer Company helped the company engage an Application Solution Provider (ASP) to host the Sage X3 installation. The ASP minimizes many of the costs and complexities of hosting an ERP solution in house, handling hardware upgrades and managing both physical and electronic security.

The outsourced model makes great sense for the company, as it has a small and busy IT department. The Bodtker Group is working to get the most value and utility out of its ERP software. Monthly user group meetings are held to discuss strategies, promote new ideas and address concerns. Bisskey relates that Sage X3 is a very flexible, very robust application and that staff are still honing processes and uncovering additional ways to use more of the software. He says that they take questions and suggestions that arise to The Answer Company, where they find responsive help and advice. Ho and Bisskey say they continually push to ensure they are getting the most out of Sage X3, and praise The Answer Company for the quality of their support and consultation services, noting that they set the bar high for business partners and The Answer Company meets the challenge.

Scalable and Supportable

Following the successful rollout of Sage X3 at Great Western Containers and Nemco Resources, The Bodtker Group is in the process of implementing the solution across its five other entities. Bisskey and Ho agree that in Sage X3, the company has found a solution that is supportable and scalable to meet the organization’s needs today and into the future.