Embracing the Future Transitioning from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Sage Intacct

If this article caught your eye, it’s likely your company is using Microsoft Dynamics GP. You know that Dynamics GP is being phased out, and the product’s sunset may have you thinking — what’s next? Hundreds of companies in your position are embracing the future now and moving from Dynamics GP to Sage Intacct. As you contemplate your organization’s future, here are some things to consider and some reasons to include Sage Intacct in that future. Read more on this topic in the Life After Microsoft Dynamics GP eBook.

The Plains Truth

Microsoft Dynamics GP can trace its legacy back to 1981 (before the Internet was born!) when it launched as Great Plains Software. The application found enormous early success and was acquired by Microsoft in 2001. Microsoft continued to invest in the application for years — before shifting its focus to its cloud-based products. Early in 2023, Microsoft announced it would phase out sales of Dynamics GP, with the sales of new licenses ending by October 2026. 

While Microsoft Dynamics GP has served many businesses well over the years, the evolving business landscape calls for a more adaptable and forward-thinking solution. Transitioning to Sage Intacct from Dynamics GP is a strategic move towards future-proofing your business. We understand the magnitude of this decision and are here to guide you through each step of this journey.


The Limitations of Microsoft Dynamics GP

As a traditional on-premises system, Dynamics GP faces challenges coping with the rapidly changing business environment. It often requires significant IT resources for maintenance and updates, and its on-premise nature can limit accessibility and scalability. Integration with other modern business tools can be cumbersome, often leading to inefficiencies and data silos. Its limitations can hinder your business’s ability to adapt quickly to market changes and can be a bottleneck in achieving operational efficiency.

Sage Intacct Salesforce Implementation
The Advantages of Sage Intacct

Switching to Sage Intacct, a cloud-based SaaS solution, brings numerous benefits. The overarching advantage is the flexibility and scalability it offers. Being cloud-based means accessing critical financial data anytime, anywhere, facilitating better decision-making and business continuity.

Sage Intacct excels in providing real-time financial insights and analytics, allowing for more informed and timely business decisions. Its customizable nature ensures that it can adapt to your specific business needs, and its seamless integration capabilities with other tools mean you can create a cohesive technology ecosystem that works harmoniously.

How to Know It’s Your Time to Move

Here are some key signs indicating that it might be time to consider an upgrade from Dynamics GP to Sage Intacct:

1. Limited Accessibility and Mobility

If your users find it challenging to access Dynamics GP remotely or on various devices, it hinders productivity in today’s mobile and flexible work environments. Sage Intacct’s cloud-based platform offers greater accessibility and supports a mobile workforce.

2. Inefficient Integration with Other Systems

Dynamics GP may struggle to integrate seamlessly with other modern business tools. If your business is facing integration issues leading to data silos or workflow inefficiencies, Sage Intacct’s robust integration capabilities can offer a solution.

3. Need for Real-Time Financial Reporting and Analytics

Companies requiring real-time financial data and advanced analytics (and which company doesn’t?) often find Dynamics GP lacking in this aspect. Sage Intacct provides comprehensive, real-time financial reporting and insights crucial for strategic decision-making.

4. Scaling Challenges

As your business grows, its software needs to scale to keep pace. If Dynamics GP is becoming a roadblock to your growth, Sage Intacct’s cloud-based solution offers the flexibility and scalability required to evolve.

5. High Maintenance Costs and IT Overhead

If maintaining Dynamics GP is becoming increasingly costly, especially regarding IT resources and infrastructure, shifting to a cloud-based system like Sage Intacct can reduce these overheads significantly.

6. Compliance and Regulatory Challenges

If your business is in an industry with strict compliance mandates, you will benefit from Sage Intacct, designed to adapt to and handle complex regulatory requirements more efficiently.

7. User Experience and Productivity Issues

If your users find the Dynamics GP interface outdated or are experiencing decreased productivity due to the system’s limitations, the modern, user-friendly interface of Sage Intacct can be a significant upgrade.

8. Limited Customization and Adaptability

Dynamics GP might not offer the level of customization your business needs to align the software with its unique processes. Sage Intacct’s customizable and adaptable nature can better align with specific business needs.

9. Increased Demand for Cloud Security

With growing concerns about data security, especially for financial data, your business may find Sage Intacct’s cloud-based security measures more reassuring than an on-premises solution like Dynamics GP.

10. Cost-Effectiveness and ROI Considerations

Finally, if the total cost of ownership of Dynamics GP is high without corresponding returns, the cost-effectiveness and demonstrated ROI of switching to Sage Intacct could be a compelling reason for the upgrade.

A Smooth Transition—How We Can Help

Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Sage Intacct is about setting your business up for future success. With Sage Intacct, you gain flexibility, enhanced insights, and a system that grows with your business. Discover more reasons why Sage Intacct is the ideal replacement for Dynamics GP in this eBook, Life After Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Answer Company has helped numerous businesses successfully upgrade to Sage Intacct, and their stories speak volumes about the ease and benefits of this transition. Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way, from initial planning and data migration to implementation and ongoing support. Reach out to us to discuss how Sage Intacct can meet your specific needs and help you embrace your future.