The Answer Company Participates in the 12th Annual Food Safety Summit – Toronto

TORONTO, ON, June 17, 2016 — The Answer Company was honoured to have executive Richara Johnson participate in an expert panel at the 12th Annual Food Safety Summit in Toronto, ON. The goal of the Summit is to ensure that participants know what they must do to meet regulatory and best practice standards in food safety. Industry experts work together with leading food safety practitioners to facilitate important food safety conversations such as insight into regulatory changes, minimizing risk in supply chains and improving food safety technologies.

With over 15 years of strategic sales experience in the IT industry, specializing in the implementation of Sage X3, Richara Johnson, Vice President of Sales at The Answer Company and Sage X3 Expert, continues to bring extensive value to the industry. In the session ‘Changing Your Process to Align with new Regulatory Expectations’, Richara represented The Answer Company as a speaker in an expert panel alongside Adam Carswell (Quality Assurance Manager at Sysco) and Nadia Narine (CEO at Lumar Food Safety Services).

This session set out to help delegates to discuss guidelines for the new Heath Canada Food Safety. Richara fielded questions from delegates regarding the technology solutions available to assist in addressing regularity complaints, specifically recalls.

Traceability and Reporting with Sage X3

Highlighting Sage X3 as a preferred ERP solution, Richara explained that it gives companies the visibility and information they need to execute a recall properly. Traceability and reporting tools are the two key factors that make Sage X3 a unique fit for businesses in the food and beverage industry. Each source ingredient within recipes can be tracked from initial suppliers, through to the delivery of the finished product to the end user. The reporting tool allows businesses to create quick and detailed reports that summarize where products are going, allowing full visibility in the event of recalls.

Defining Challenges and Solutions

In the session, delegates were split into three groups to discuss challenges they face and propose implementations based on best practices. One of the biggest challenges delegates discussed was training and education for processes, particularly regarding recalls. Even when best practice processes are put in place, there is no guarantee that they will be successful unless employees are properly trained and educated.

The goal is to ensure that everyone who works with the products understands how to conduct recalls and what the recall process requires. Regardless of who is on staff, protocol should read that there should always be someone who knows and understand the recalls. Delegates concluded that companies should put together policy manuals and ensure all new employees have information they need to execute recalls correctly. These measures in combination with traceability and reporting in Sage X3 give companies the tools to execute processes correctly and recall products reliably.

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