Efficiency Increases of 25-50% are on the Menu with Franchise Software Systems

Restaurant franchise operations are tight-margin businesses at the best of times. And, to point out the obvious, we aren’t experiencing the best of times. Nevertheless, resourceful and industrious organizations open 10,000 new restaurants every year. With increasing food and labour costs, these businesses must take advantage of technology designed to improve visibility and efficiency, in turn driving growth and profitability. The technology we’re talking about is franchise software systems — accounting and financial applications designed for the industry. 

Can franchise software systems really make a difference?  Check out this infographic for the details on how three different franchise operators increased productivity, lowered costs, and scaled more quickly than they ever thought possible with Sage Intacct for Franchises. The benefits spanned at least four areas of their operations: 


1. Integration with other applications to drive efficiency 

  • A franchise software system with open APIs can more easily integrate with the other mission-critical applications you rely on, such as POS, Reservations, AP Automation, or Payroll. 
  • Penn Acquisition, a Penn Station East Coast Subs franchise, connected franchise accounting software with their POS application and improved accounting efficiency by 25%. 


2. Scale quickly to drive revenue opportunities

  • Franchise accounting software offers features and functionality — like a centralized chart of accounts, streamlined multi-entity accounting, and dimensional reporting — that allows franchise operators to scale quickly and efficiently.
  • S&L, a Culver’s franchise, scaled easily amid 134% growth. They were able to achieve the growth without hiring any additional accounting personnel. And Laird’s, a Burger King franchise, added new restaurants and expanded into the fitness space while halving the time spent on its monthly close. 


3. Operational visibility to fuel proactive decision making

  • Franchise software systems designed for complex companies helps reduce that complexity by providing real-time reporting, continual consolidations, and data insights that help organizations identify trends, pinpoint cost drivers, and make proactive business decisions. 
  • Laird’s, a Burger King franchise, can now create twice and many reports in one-half the time, providing greater detail and insight to decision-makers. 


4. Eliminate duplicate data entry and manual reporting 

  • Modern, cloud-based software designed for the franchise industry automates workflows and eliminates manual data entry and laborious spreadsheet reporting tasks.
  • Laird’s, the Burger King franchise, shortened monthly reporting time from 10 to 2 hours. And Penn Acquisition, the Penn Station East Coast Subs franchise, saves 20 hours a month by eliminating manual tasks. 


Order Up Your Rapid Insights 

We invite you to download the full infographic, Serving Up Rapid Insights to Drive Growth and Improve Efficiency 25%-50% in Franchise Restaurants, to get all the details on franchise software systems. And for dessert, check out this article, How Franchise Accounting Software Solves Four Franchise Financial Management Challenges

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